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Would you choose courage or brains?

In his brilliant book,

“Zero to One”, Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal,

…asks the following question?

What important truth do very few people agree with you on?

It’s very hard to answer.

It’s intellectually difficult because the knowledge that everyone is taught in school is by definition agreed upon.

And it’s psychologically difficult because anyone trying to answer must say something she knows to be unpopular.

Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is in even shorter supply than genius.

And here’s the reason Thiel brings this up.

If you want to change your future, you need to find an UNPOPULAR truth that you believe and live by it.

So, when it comes to your business, your financial future?

Are you living by an unpopular belief?

Or are you just doing what everyone else is doing?

Are you doing anything that makes those around you at least a little uncomfortable?

Or are you taking the safe, no-criticism route?

Starting your own online business can be unpopular.

The 9-5 rat race

When you decide to leave the 9-5, rat race, trapped-in-the-cubicle existence there will be plenty of people lining up to tell you you’re crazy.

They’ll tell you you’re taking too big a risk.

They’ll tell you to get back in line and take the road more traveled.

Don’t listen to them.

shaqir award

If you truly want a different future, you must follow a path that most are unwilling to follow.

If you’re ready for this unpopular road, MTTB is the best place to start …develop your own Home Profit Game Planclick here >>>

Find proven business model and leverage it.

That’s it.

This is the biggest secret of making money online.

Be smart. Learn from others mistakes, not from yours. Don’t make them (I know that is not always possible).

*** Let’s see what experts in internet marketing say (by Michelle Pescosolido)

“The majority of people who start a business online need to make money within a few months and they don’t have a year to make that happen.

For those of you with money lined pockets, good for you!  Yes, you probably have the time, resources and money to actually take time to get a blog in place, work on branding, create your own product and sales funnels. In fact you could spend an entire year doing that, and yes it probably would take that long.

Unfortunately those of you that don’t fall into that category should realize that there is a very easy way to start making money online and it’s called LEVERAGE.”

You think you need to have  blog built before you can start making money online.  You don’t need a blog to get started with making money online.  Even if you did build a blog yourself or you get one made by an outsourcer like Thrive Theme (I recommend to check it out here) , you are still missing one key component …




First: Leverage the proven business system.

Without the knowledge of how to actually drive traffic to your blog, you are just going to have a pretty piece of real estate with no visitors.  Without traffic you won’t make any money.

***NOTE: (I know that you might have heard: traffic is not a problem, you need landing page or sales funnel that converts… Just read on further)

Trust me on this one…..I fell into this trap when I first started out.  I was excited about having an blog to brand myself and the day I finished that blog it dawned on me, “Umm now what? How do I get traffic here?” (see next posts about traffic – soon, this topic never ends)

  • You think you need to create your own bootcamp, ebook, video series, and/or funnel in order to make money online.  When I first started out I saw “other” successful “gurus” had their own branded bootcamps, video series, and ebooks.  Naturally I thought I needed one too.  Well after wasting months of trying to perfect my video series, in the end I just scratched the whole project because I was just unhappy at how mine turned out, compared to the “other” successful marketers.  Oh and not to mention I was missing one thing, once again…..TRAFFIC.
  • You think you need to have your own capture page video, thank you page video and your own follow up email sequence in place before you can start to make money online.  If you haven’t noticed yet… far all these require a huge time commitment in set up mode, not money making mode.  And remember, as I said: We need money online at least within few months. If you are anything like me, I am talking this took me months!  Busy work I like to call it.  There are short cuts and in just a moment I am going to share the one word to creating that short cut.
  • You think you need to create your own product to start making money online. Okay while having a product can be very profitable, understand that it’s the people who actually have some sort of credibility, brand awareness, authority all ready set up in their marketing niche.  I’ll never forget a colleague of mine who had an awesome idea for a product.  She spent about 6 months planning it out and creating the ENTIRE product only for it to bomb.  Six months wasted on an awesome idea that didn’t make her a dime because she did not master a few things, branding, credibility and traffic within her marketing niche.

You see all of these have 1 thing in common, they all take you away from immediately making money online.  I will repeat again: The majority of people who start a business online need to make money within a few months and they don’t have a year to make that happen.

Some top earners when started out hit 10K a month after just being online for only 6 months because they were leveraging.  No blog, no list, no branded video series, no branded funnel, no product, no fans and no list.   Nope… just one offer that was created by a proven successful marketing system that we used to drive traffic too.  That’s how we were able to hit that 6 figure income in just 6 months.

And you can too.

We leverage several things with this business model:

  • Their highly trained phone sales team who handle all the coaching calls and closing calls for us. All we do is collect on the commissions.
  • Their live events where sales are made for us.  They front the work and expense and we collect on the commissions.
  • Their email follow up series. They write all the emails that are high converting and our sales are made on automation.
  • Their offers, systems, and sales funnels.  They spend the time to put together high converting offers, systems and funnels and we just drive traffic to those offers and we collect on the commissions.
  • They provide all the training for the brand new partners. They have a system in place along with coaches who provide all the training and we can stay focused on building our business and driving traffic.
  • And much much more….

It starts with finding a proven business model or system to leverage.  The only thing  you should have to focus on is traffic which will be your quickest route to making money online.

NOTE: If you’ve got the point of this blog, please share it with your partners and friends.

Take a look on this system (you might have heard of it without paying attention)


mobe people 2


Your profit and loss statement

Business or hobby?

There’s a little something in business called a profit and loss statement.

The basic purpose of this statement is so you know whether you’re making money or losing money in a given period of time.

Pretty important piece of data!

Yet, online, people TRY to start a business every day and they never check this out.

Hmmm… maybe they’re just treating it like a hobby?

Take this test: Just from memory, or whatever records you have, chart out all the products, software, etc. that you’ve purchased to start a home based business.



What’s the basic number? $500? $5,000? $50,000?

Trust me, no number you’ll throw out there would surprise me, and no number is a bad one.


Track your sales made from each purchase, and, find out what you’ve earned total in your home based business.

Are your profits far higher than your expenses? For the course you spent to learn something, did you quickly apply and get multiple returns on profit?

Sadly for most people, they’re spending away on information and systems, yet, they’re not earning any income at all…

Not a red cent!

It’s time to level the playing field.



Here’s the problem with most systems. They don’t teach you everything.

There’s always some missing piece.


In order to succeed online, you’ve got to master the economics of this business, you’ve got to get good at traffic, you’ve got to know how to get sales from that traffic and there’s a lot more

you need to know…

We’re super confident in the system we use.

(Before you start to build your blog, sales funnel, website, landing pages, video presentations etc. even branding yourself – get and leverage business internet model that works today – promote it to get your first money – as experts Michelle Pescosolido and Bill Pescosolido recommend) – check next posts about this topic

MTTB – system

The majority of people who start a business online need to make money within a few months and they don’t have a year to make that happen. One of the way is … click here

In fact, use this system and if you don’t earn a commission in your first 30 days, the company will send you $500 for giving it an honest try.

And here’s the kicker, there’s no charge to try the system out!

Click here to check it out right now (short video and access):


Again about living free laptop lifestyle

There’s usually a very straight line to getting the result you want – but it’s so tempting to over complicate it with all the other info that is competing for your attention.

The lesson is something else, and it’s very simple:

Keep your eye on the ball.

By that I mean… there’s about a million distractions around you right now.

The internet is the ultimate distraction portal – unless you learn to control your use of it, it will chew you up and spit you out (ie. you’ll watch 4 hours go by on Facebook and YouTube, and get nothing important done).

You need to be able to FOCUS on what is important in your business.

So the question you’re likely left with, is

“what’s a good high converting offer to promote?”

If you’re in the marketing space right now – make money niche – business opportunity – the single best offer that I know of, is this:


What do you need? –

Home Profit Game Plan,

…that provides you with these 5 essential components

factorsWhat is missing?

Traffic and Leads Generation

…actually, it covered by training and coaching

Where can I test this business plan?

…it’s risk free, but “magic button” is not included


PS: Get more traffic to your website/blog for free, 150,000+ websites will post your content click here

Why learn marketing hard way?

The hard way…

  • Most people struggle because they lack direction
  • Most people struggle because they try to go at it alone
  • Most people struggle because they listen to wrong people
  • Most people struggle because they don’t use leverage

Let’s get focused on the last one.

I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. (So I used MTTB, its products, services, coaches as the leverage).

Maybe you already know about what I’m going to tell you.. But perhaps you don’t. And from the responses we’ve had from the MTTB members, it’s absolutely amazing, game changing stuff.

The results speak for themselves, so we’re confident in offering this “incentive” to you, as crazy as it will sound…


So let me ask you: Are you ready to start making a real income online? I mean a real one!?

Yes? Say it a little louder!

OK now calm down…

Here’s the bold promise that’s being made here…

Go through the MTTB system, and if you’ve not made at least a commission in your first 30 days, you’ll get $500 in cold hard cash just for giving it a real try.

How’s that for a bold promise.

This offer could be pulled down at any time so go here and get in now:


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Terminology in online business

Internet online list of terms

You may have noticed that the world of internet marketing has a language of it’s own, full of words that you might not be familiar with.

It’s important that you have some understanding of what they mean, or at least a resource where you can find accurate definitions.

Here is the list of 247 words that are used in the online business world…

There is more… You just need to google the definitions…and you have to know what to search for…


Ad Copy, Ad Tracker, AdSense, AdWords, Affiliate, Affiliate Link, Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Program, Affiliate Program Provider, AIM, Alexa, Anchor text, Applet, Attachment, Arbitrage, Article Marketing, Autoresponder, Avatar, B2B, B2C, Back Button, Back End, Banner ad, Banner exchange, Black Hat SEO, Blog, Bloggers, BMP, Brick and mortar, Branding, Business Plan, Butterfly marketing, Cache, Campaign, Camtasia, ClickBank, Content, Contextual advertising, Conversion Rate, Cookie, Copywriting, Cpanel, CPA, CPC, CPM, Crawler, Cross promotion, CSS, Dedicated hosting/dedicated server,, Digg, Digital delivery product, Direct response, Directory site, Domain Name, Doorway page, Download, Downsell, Double Opt-In, Ebay, E-business, E-book, E-mail, E-mail Marketing Campaigns, Emoticons, EPC, Ezine, FAQ, Fantastico, FFA pages, Firesale, First cookie, Flaming, Flash, Folksonomy, Forums, Forward, Freelancer, Free Reprint Articles, FTP, Fulfillment, Ghost site, GIF, Give Away Rights, Graphic, Guru, Handle, Hardware, Headline, Hits, Home-based business, Hot linking, HTML, Hosting, ICQ, IM, Impression, Inbound link, Incentivization, Infoproduct, Internet, Internet marketing, IRT, ISP, Javascript, JPG, JV, JV Broker, Keyword, Keyword density, Keyword research, Landing Page, Last cookie, Lead, Lead capture page, Left click, Link, Link Bait, Link cloaking, Link exchange, List building, Load time, Log in, Login Name, Mailbot, Master Resale Rights, Membership site, Message Boards, Merchant account, Meta Tags, Minisite, MLM, MSN, Mod, Mouse, MySQL, Navigate, Newbie, Newsletter, Netizen, Niche and Niche marketing, Netiquette, One Time Offer (OTO), Online, offline, Opt-in & Permission-based marketing, Outsource, Page impressions, Password, Payment threshold, PayPal, Payment processor, PDF, Phishing, PHP, Physical product, Plugins, PM, Podcast, Pop in, Pop up, Pop under, Post, PPC advertising, PPL, PPP, Private Label Rights (PLR), PR (page rank), Press Release, Presell, Product launch, Public domain, Publisher, Quarantine, Query, Reciprocal Link, Redirect, Reprint Rights, Resale Rights, Resource box, Right click, RSS, RSS Feeds, Sales Copy, Sales Letter, Script, Search Engines, SEM, SEO, Server, Shared hosting, Signature file, Site/Website, Site builder, Solo Email, Spam, Spam blockers, Spider, Splog, Spyware, Squeeze page, Social bookmarking, Social networking, Software, Source code, SSL, Sub-domain name, Super Affiliate, Tags, Target Market, Telecommute, Teleseminar, Template, Thread, TLD (Top Level Domain), TOS, Traffic, Tracking, Troll, Trojan, Unique visitors (uniques), Upsell, URL, Username/ User ID, USP, Viral, Viral marketing, Virtual Real Estate, Virus, Vlog, WAHM, Web 2.0, Web Designer, Web marketer, Webinar, Webmaster, White Hat SEO, Whois, WIKI, WordPress, www, WYSIWYG, XML, Youtube, Yoyo mode, ZIP file

Can you “copy & paste” and click mouse

We’ve talked about some things that you need to have in order to start an online business, so now we’re going to talk about some things you need to know.

Like I said back in the previous post, you DON’T need to be a computer expert to be an internet marketer, but you do need to have some basic skills… (and you need to know how to operate some software or hire people)

Actually you need more skills to operate online business and much more…

But what are the basics…?

What you need to know…

1) Using your computer; turning it on, off, etc.
2) Mouse skills: Left click, right click, double click
3) Using Windows or whatever OS you have
4) Navigating your computer
5) Working with windows: Open, close, minimize, maximize, resize, move
6) Multitasking with multiple programs/windows open
7) Creating folders
8] Changing your folder “view”
9) Naming and renaming files
10) “Dragging and dropping”
11) Copying and moving files/folders
12) Zipping and unzipping files
13) Installing a software program
14) Opening a program
15) Copying and pasting text
16) Editing and saving files/documents
17) Save vs. Save As
18) Using a web browser to navigate the internet
19) “Googling” and other online research
20) Sending and receiving email
21) Opening a PDF file with Adobe reader
22) Using productivity software such as Word and Excel, or OpenOffice

To learn more how to start and get your online business going click here>>>….


Things needed for your online business…

Technical and human resources

In previous posts we’ve talked about whether you’re the right kind of person for an online business, and whether it’s the right kind of business for you.

So today let’s talk about what resources you need to have if you want to start an internet business.

Is it as simple as having an internet connection and a desire to succeed?

List of 16 items… some of which are vitally needed, some highly recommended, and some that are optional will help (by Eric Holmlund).

Before we dive into this business, let’s make sure you’re equipped for success!

What you need…

1) A computer

-Doesn’t need to be the latest and greatest
-Can’t be a total dinosaur
-Recommend Windows XP or newer
-Consider a laptop
-spend $200-$1000 for a desktop, $400-$1500 for a laptop

2) Internet connection (Broadband recommended). Speed Internet recommended.

3) Antivirus program. I use AVG; their website is

UPDATE: I believe AVG is still good, however I think there are some better ones. On my main PC, I’ve switched over to Avast, which is also free:

And on my laptop I’ve switched to Microsoft’s free program:

4) Email (free options available). For example:

5) Zip program (free options available). This is a good freeware:

6) Productivity software (free option available). Here’s a good free option:

7) Startup capital (highly recommended). I recommend having at least $200 available.

8] Credit card (highly recommended). If you’re afraid you’ll abuse it, you might want to consider a prepaid visa card.

9) Paypal account (highly recommended). You can get a free account at PayPal. 

10) Business checking account (highly recommended).

11) Business registration (requirements vary – might be optional).

12) Business Entity such as an LLC (Optional). In general, you can probably start as a sole proprietor, and decide later if you want to form an LLC.

An LLC may help save you from paying self employment taxes. It also can protect your personal assets. Consult with an attorney or tax accountant.

If you want to avoid paying an attorney to help with the paperwork, you can often do it the cheapest directly through your state department.

13) Accountant (Optional).

14) Lawyer (Optional).

15) Telephone (Optional). If you have broadband, you might want to consider Skype for your phone service.

16) Insurance (Optional).

17) Backup drive (Highly recommended). I added this one after making the video. A decent external hard drive can be purchased for $100 – $400. It’s not so important what kind of drive you get; what’s important is that you use it to backup all the files on your computer on a regular basis. I’ve bought hard drives from with good results.

There are a few other things that you’ll need which will be specifically covered in upcoming lessons, so don’t worry about them for now.

Action steps:

1) Go through the list, and make sure you have everything that is required. For the highly recommended ones, do as best you can to get them. For the optional ones, do some research and decide whether it’s something you need.

2) Next step. More Software? programs and tools.

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