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Blueprint from Millionaire for your home profit game plan

 It takes time to set up online machine and program, then you keep it running spending reasonable amount of time daily. Sometimes 45 min is enough.

27 years old top-earner, entrepreneur crosses 3 million dollars line in commissions this year. Watch this video. (on the photo above information in 2015)

You can leverage his experience, methods and traffic resources. He invites new people and wants to make them the next success stories.

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Nickel or dime?

What is better for your home profit game plan?


Is Johnny really dumb?
Little Johnny is always being teased by the other neighborhood boys for being stupid. Their favorite joke is to offer Johnny his choice between a nickel and a dime — Johnny always takes the nickel.
One day, after Johnny takes the nickel, a neighbor takes him aside and says, “Johnny, those boys are making fun of you. Don’t you know that a dime is worth more than a nickel, even though the nickel’s bigger?”
Johnny grins and says, “Well, if I took the dime, they’d stop doing it, and so far I’ve made $20!”
Those nickels add up.

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Duty Free Empire or how millionaire used his profit.

Chuck Feeney: The Billionaire Who Is Trying To Go Broke

On a cool summer afternoon at Dublin’s Huston Station, Chuck Feeney, 81, gingerly stepped off a train on his journey back from the University of Limerick, a 12,000-student college he willed into existence with his vision, his influence and nearly $170 million in grants, and hobbled toward the turnstiles on sore knees. No commuter even glanced twice at the short New Jersey native, one hand holding a plastic bag of newspapers, the other grasping an iron fence for support. The man who arguably has done more for Ireland than anyone since Saint Patrick slowly limped out of the station completely unnoticed. And that’s just how Feeney likes it.

Chuck Feeney – is the James Bond of philanthropy.

Over the last 30 years he’s crisscrossed the globe conducting a clandestine operation to give away a $7.5 billion fortune derived from hawking cognac, perfume and cigarettes in his empire of …

duty-free shops.

chuck feeney

Chuck Feeney’s foundation, the Atlantic Philanthropies, has funneled $6.2 billion into education, science, health care, aging and civil rights in the U.S., Australia, Vietnam, Bermuda, South Africa and Ireland. Few living people have given away more, and no one at his wealth level has ever given their fortune away so completely during their lifetime. The remaining $1.3 billion will be spent by 2016, and the foundation will be shuttered in 2020.

But the chief reason to admire Chuck Feeney is his announcement yesterday: that he is ending his charitable giving.

It’s not that Feeney has become stingy or uncaring.

The 81-year-old philanthropist is winding down his charitable foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies, because he has largely fulfilled his promise to give away the bulk of his fortune during his lifetime. He called it “giving while living.”

What duty free shops millionaire teaches you in your home profit game plan business

This story teaches that every business first of all should help others and is more than making money.

That means for small average entrepreneur at least one thing – build your business and don’t go broke.

97% online fail or make less than 1 thousand per month.


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Make your home profit game plan easy way

Make your home profit game plan easy way – click the image to learn how!

Top-earner in the affiliate marketing shares his secrets and invites you to join profitable team. He crossed 3 millions dollars this year in commissions, so he really can teach some good strategies and share his resources.
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Sherpa, Yoda, Gandalf, why you need one…for your home profit game plan

Every year many people attempt to climb the awe inspiring Mount Everest.

Some ascend to the top…
Some don’t make it…
And some die…

If you’re wise, you’ll make sure you have a guide to mentor and help you safely make the climb.

And that’s why so many people choose Sherpas.

They’re a local people that are widely known as elite mountaineers and experts in their local terrain.

They’re known as legen…wait for it…dary in the climbing community for their hardiness, expertise and experience at very high altitudes…

Now if you were to decide to climb Everest, would you hire a Sherpa?…

Or…Would you go out and hire a guy that’s good at walking long distances in the flat, arid desert?…

You’d definitely match the coach with the job right?

If you’re climbing high mountains, then you’d find someone who was born in the mountains. Someone who knows them inside out. Someone who’s genes have been proven to be different BECAUSE of the high altitude they were born in.

If you wanted to walk the desert, then sure, that other guy would be your best bet.

Either way, a coach that’s “been there and done that” will be invaluable along your journey.

Same thing in business applies…

There are a lot of coaches out there.  Yet, not just “ANY” coach will work for you.


As you know, MTTB, the system I promote and work with focuses on revealing to you how-to, and gives you the tools and systems to profit from …

High Ticket Commissions.

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Not just any coach can teach you how to do this. It’s a rare system and opportunity unlike any other. And… these coaches are at the top of this game.
They’re like your own Online Sherpa, guiding you and leading you to ..

Top Tier Commissions.

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The next step is to simply decide to climb. The coaches will then help you the rest of the way.

A cool side effect is not only will these same coaches be your partners, making big sales
FOR YOU… But like many of the current partners, they’ll
become your friends too.

And to me that’s pretty cool, considering a lot of  the stuff you see and deal with online. :=)

If you want to dabble in small commissions, then you can find a jillion people to teach you how to do that.

If you’re serious about online business however and want to make money like the big boys, then check out MTTB and take advantage of the coach they provide for you asap.


To the climb.

PS: Down load your home profit game plan for online business (see the image on the top of the right side)

Here’s one sample of the success stories ;

45 minutes per day success story about home profit game plan

Fishing for your profit game plan

How to “lure” in whale-like commissions…

I found that when many people growing their online business have problems in getting steady sales, it’s often because they’re casting too wide of a net.

They’re trying to hook too many clients instead of narrowing down to the more specific market.

Think of it this way…

You go fishing, and you have your tools.

Your Rod and Reel.

Then you find a spot where you know the fish are biting. So, you thread the line with a hook and then cast it out into the water.

Will you catch any fish? Maybe, but it’s not likely! Why?

There’s still a next step.

You’ve got to consider which fish you want to catch, and if that type of fish is in those waters. If not, you go to where they’re at.

Next, you put on the hook the best bait that the fish are *currently* biting on.

Could be worms, minnows, crickets, chicken livers, you know, all that sexy stuff…

Same thing in business…

You can’t just throw a generic hook out in the waters and expect to attract any buyers.

You have to find out what waters these buyers are in, and then appeal to them, attract them by offering better looking more alluring bait then the other guy.

Do that, and you’re golden.

And that’s what MTTB provides you with:
fishing commissions with MTTB and home profit game plan

You get to use “What’s Working Now” to attract your ideal customers and buyers.

And better yet, they’ll even reel in the big fish for you…
And by big fish, I mean Big, Whale-Like Commissions from $1k, $3k, $5k and up…

Why make “minnow-like” commissions when you can get big commissions with the exact same effort?

Crazy Awesome.

Watch the $1k, $3k, $5k, Presentation Here:

Happy fishin’

Home profit Game Plan for small households to get income online in 2016

(*** by team member Ankur Agarwall)

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Lost income source for home profit game plan

Have you ever wondered why it is when you have misplaced something, it is always in the last place you look?

The answer to why the lost keys, cell phone, etc. is always in the last place you look is simple – when you find it you stop looking. 🙂
Same thing when you have a head scratching dilemma or problem. We tend to look for the solution everywhere except the most logical places. The answer is often “right under our nose”.
In your search for online income, how many times have you frantically jumped from one “next big thing” to another. Meanwhile, each next big thing is quite often the next big crash or scam.
Your answer has been “right under your nose” for almost two years. And there are now over three MILLION people already in and earning every hour of every day!
I am sure you have seen numerous ads for it – and probably had several people tell you about it. Yet you have not joined us. (And if you have already joined, you probably don’t really see the big picture of what is possible.)
There are people making thousands of dollars – even hundreds of thousands – with this simple, easy to use program that is “right under your nose”.
Home profit game plan step-by-step blueprint

Traffic Monsoon

 Traffic Monsoon has really been making some masterful leadership moves behind the scenes lately, whether you realize it or not. Here are a few of them:
1. Allied Wallet is now officially connected to the TM site and we can now make purchases directly from our debit or credit cards without having to go through the trouble of creating an account with another payment processor.
2.Accounts are no longer being restricted from accessing the same IP address. That move coupled with the Allied Wallet attachment will make transacting with Traffic Monsoon a more seamless process and will have direct impact on new sales.
3. Traffic Monsoon is working on getting our members our own debit cards, with which we will be able to have immediate withdrawal access to our funds as they become available in our Traffic Monsoon accounts.
4. The CEO of Traffic Monsoon, Charles Scoville himself, is continuously looking towards means to increase sales of our services by exploring cutting edge ideas geared towards making Traffic Monsoon even more globally accessible.
5. Traffic Monsoon is really onto something with its model of 100% revenue share and as sales of our services continue to increase those of us who have thoroughly connected to the potential are also thoroughly reaping the benefits this opportunity affords us.
These masterful leadership moves are being made in Traffic Monsoon. Thus, the only reason for anyone missing out on this income potential or even missing out on using our services to promote their business is – They must not like masterful leadership moves being made in a business!
Think about it. What you want is right under your nose.
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Are you aware, that just as soon as you enroll in Traffic Monsoon and make your first purchase – whether it is for one Ad Pack or a thousand – you will within a couple of hours get your first earnings. Then those earnings will continue every hour on the hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The earnings are $1.06 per Ad Pack per day. 
10 Ad Packs brings you $10.60 a day, 100 packs produce $106.00 a day, 1000 packs means $1060.00 a day. The packs only cost $50.00 each – PLUS, once you have a few packs, you can buy new packs out of your earnings.
Very few people, while still on the outside, realize the significance of that last statement. It means that you are figuratively compounding the money you have used – making it grow exponentially.
How much ‘work’ do you have to do to get those earnings? 
Just 10 minutes a day viewing 10 other websites. 10 minutes whether you have 1 Ad Pack or 1000. 10 minutes whether you are earning $10.00 a day or $2000.00 a day!
trafficmonsoon is revenue sharing company
Get our community of MILLIONS seeing your website/⁠opportunity today and begin getting paid in your FIRST HOUR!
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Traffic Monsoon is going strong it will still be number one for years to come.
There are only two ways to eliminate your debt. You have to either spend less or earn more.
Simple. Yet there are people in the program who have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whether you have one Ad Pack for $50.00, or you have 1000 Ad Packs, you still just need to spend that same 10 minutes a day looking at ads.
We now have over 3 MILLION members. There must be something good going on. 
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Your freedom awaits your decision.

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What was prediction in economy for your home profit plan and wealth?

In the freezing winter of 1928,

John Maynard Keynes

(Fabian Economist) wrote a short essay about the “possibilities for our grandchildren”.

He estimated that by 2028, the standard of life would be so improved that no one would even have to worry about making any money. (*** Ok, May be we still have time)

He figured we’d all be working just about 3 hours a day, max, and he said even that would be more than was actually necessary.

Even with the technology and advancements back then, he saw everything new coming out, machinery, mass production, electricity and so forth…

And he just knew we’d all be living the 15 hr. work week.


We’re not too far from that date right now, and I’d venture to say that technology and what we as man have accomplished since 1928 is far past what old John could have ever imagined.

But how are we doing on that work thing? Do we feel underworked?

Do we have so much free time that we don’t know what to do with it?

It is far from it!…

A lot of people are living the 15 hr. work DAY rather than the 15 hr. work week.

Most of us are overwhelmed, overworked, and under paid.

Sadly, Mr. Keynes was far off the mark for the lifestyle of the masses.

However, you can choose not to be a part of the masses!

Because he was right, technology, tools, and other things that provide us massive leverage are now at our finger tips and easier to use than ever before in history.

Countless individuals DO live a lifestyle like he predicted… Just not the masses.

This is the exact reason so many people come onto the internet.

They want better…
A better lifestyle…
For themselves…
For their family…

And they don’t want to wait till their 65 or older to get it!…

In MTTB (My Top Tier Business), we’ve got members that range all age groups, young and old, all experience levels, brand spanking new, and “Smart” Industry veterans…

And they’re all attracted to this beautiful business model because of the ability it gives them to earn very large commissions with minimal effort.

And guess what?

Many of these guys are working less than 3 hrs a day. All while their income and bank account grows.

How so?

It’s not some easy push button software.
It’s what they now OWN.

They have access to a system, a real team of people working around the clock closing deals and getting big commissions FOR THEM.

It’s truly awesome and very powerful…

Check it out, you’ve earned this!

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5 breakthroughs in home profit game plan

Five breakthroughs you need to succeed in home profit game plan.

These 5 Online Marketing Big-Breakthroughs can supercharge your online business.


Supercharge Breakthrough 1: Find, research and get the right mentor.

Just like learning how to drive a car, a driving instructor is needed to ensure the student is on the right track.

It’s the same for starting, running and growing a profitable online business.

“The fastest way to become successful in any business endeavor is to follow the lead of those leaders already achieving the results you desire.”

Step-by-step blueprint to home profit game plan

Supercharge Breakthrough 2: Create or leverage the right modern marketing system.

Most people are left in the dark ages with low converting websites, funnels that don’t convert, and subscribers that simply just don’t buy.

Creating a system where there is a high converting option-page, a high converting sales page, an effective followup, and a system that utilizes webinars, automated marketing systems, direct mail and live events is something that every entrepreneur should have in their marketing arsenal.

Not having a system is essentially guesswork and the reason so many fail in this industry.

The acronym S.Y.S.T.E.M stands for “saving yourself time, energy, and money”.

Leverage proven systems and done-for-you sales funnels to integrate the 5 keys mentioned to get results faster.

By leveraging a proven system helps people discover a faster track to success, and the quickest way to profits by avoiding spending extra time, energy and effort in the wrong areas.

Right community to support your home profit game plan

Supercharge Breakthrough 3:  Join the right community, support network and mastermind.

Tony Robbins teaches people: “the fastest way to create success in any area of your life is to find people with results, and model them.”

When you are getting started online, and you realize it’s real and possible to grow a profitable internet business to earn passive income and build an automated online business, your excitement often leads them to tell others about it.

Unfortunately, others do not always support or believe in you. They don’t believe it’s even possible. A community, support network or a closed-group mastermind is the glue that provides support and empowers those that are part of the family.

Their role is to support and embrace the journey of an entrepreneur.

Leverage time and resources to support your home profit game plan

Supercharge Breakthrough 4: Leverage time, resources, systems, and people.

Time is the only constraint in life, the only thing no one else can buy more of, so learning and mastering leverage is what will help people find a shortcut to their end goals.

When people ask how it is possible that some 6 figure top-earners reach their goals so quickly.

The answer is LEVERAGE.

They have “Leverage” to another level by providing members and new clients with ‘done for you’ turnkey websites and ready-made ‘plug & play’ traffic sources to help members succeed faster.

That what you can get too joining us. (see offer below)

Paid traffic is very important for success in home profit game plan

Supercharge Breakthrough 5:   Buying traffic is one of the most profitable things an entrepreneur can do to grow their online business fast. 

First, it’s important to develop or leverage a high converting sales funnel to maximize the paid traffic.

It’s vital to have a high converting sales machine that helps and guides anyone to build an income fast by leveraging a powerful community, proven mentor, with a time tested system with in-demand products that do all the selling.

By starting with a strong optimized sales funnel new members do not have to learn how to sell personally and go through a long learning curve.

This enables new marketers to hit the ground running and therefore increase their self belief that this internet marketing stuff truly works.

By understanding that the concept of “Paid Traffic” is essential to one’s success they can skip years of frustration and learning free methods of traffic that don’t even always work and are not scalable.

When someone can buy traffic and convert it profitably, that is when they have a solid and profitable online business.

“Reliable, predictable, consistent systems that affordably and efficiently provide abundant quantities of quality prospects, customers and clients” – Dan Kennedy states the keyword here is : Systems.

If you are struggling in your online business - join me in home profit game plan

If you want to partner up with me on a business model that I’ve been using on the side, part-time and want to get an unfair advantage over everyone else, then go here.

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When you become a partner all five elements (breakthroughs) will be available for you. (*** my biggest mistake was when I started from point 5 and lost time and money doing everything by myself)

  1. Sponsor-Coach-Mentor
  2. Marketing System (Converting Sales Funnel etc.)
  3. Support network, right community, mastermind events
  4. Leverage (resources & people)
  5. Traffic

You can start immediately (press image button)

Title of this book is Limitless and it can radically change your approach to home business and home profit

Mark Twain and newspaper informational collapse

The same thing happens in online training when you feel overwhelmed with different courses and videos.

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