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Chicken or Egg problem

Finally answered! Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

So in a nutshell (or an eggshell, if you like), two birds that weren’t really chickens created a chicken egg, and hence, we have an answer: The egg came first, and then it hatched a chicken. Maybe the question we should be asking is: Which came first, the proto-chicken or the proto-chicken egg?

Scientists “yesterday” claimed to have cracked the riddle of whether the chicken or the egg came first. The answer, they say, is the chicken. Researchers found that the formation of egg shells relies on a protein found only in a chicken’s ovaries. Therefore, an egg can exist only if it has been inside a chicken.

What is the chicken and egg problem?

So technically the egg came before the chicken, but the chicken may have come before the chicken egg. So it depends on whether the question is “What came first, the Chicken or the egg” or “what came first, the Chicken or the Chicken egg“.
Still unclear, right?

Regarding online marketing…

Which comes first?

  1. chicken or egg              OR
  2. opportunity or leads

Most fail online because they don’t know what comes first, getting leads OR having an “opp”. (says Terry Lamb, one of successful entrepreneurs)

The OLD conundrum; what comes first the chicken or the egg…

Same with having a “successful” online business…

What comes first; you either get into an “opportunity” that can create profits for you THEN you figure out how to get leads / customers.


You first get good at getting leads (before you ever get into an “opportunity”) and THEN you can get into “ALL” of the opportunities (diversity) and since you have the skill of getting leads mastered, you can get profitable fast; I mean heck, when you can get leads on demand everything else becomes easier.

The best path is to learn to get leads first; then get into ALL of the opportunities.

Admit it; you are in opportunities, maybe many of them and you have NEVER figured out how to get leads; when you do get them you don’t know what to email them, and frankly it can be complex unless you are on inside of proven marketing system/team/mentor.

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Get traffic and convert to leads/buyers

Get traffic and leads first

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Home profit Game plan think out off the box

This way Al Pacino as a young boy demonstrated his ability to think out off the box. It’s just a metaphor.

When you think out off the box you can stand out the crowd or if you are in online business it can be the way to win the competition game.

This is one of example of the ‘thinking out off the box” strategy for getting traffic.

If you’re struggling to get views to your website, business offer or blog, so then we might to have you covered.

We’ve found the way to get traffic to your website for literally cents on the dollar.

This is very powerful strategy but still not so many entrepreneurs aware of it.

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Home profit Game Plan for small households to get income online in 2016

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Earn money watching YouTube

THW Global Pay Plan:
Up to $25 per hour watching Better Than YouTube Type Videos. Also huge management 6 figure opportunity. International advertising giant needs over fifty thousands people over the age of 21 to invest up to 10 hours weekly giving comments on commercials, TV pilot programs, movie trailers, video surveys and so much more. Over 90% can be done from any smart phone or computer anytime / anywhere 24/7. From the comfort of your home or on the road.

It’s YouTube in reverse. At YouTube they pay out mega millions to people who get high traffic of people coming to their posting. THW Global does just the opposite by paying millions to the viewers who watch content not place content. There is no fee or gimmicks to start working with our company. This is a Global offer so if you know anyone anywhere pass this message on to them. In fact when you register with THW Global you will get a welcome letter with a personal URL in case you wish to recommend others to work with us. THW Global will reward you up to $5 for every person who earns up to $25 an hour that you personally recommended. This means if someone you recommended worked 10 hours they would earn up to $250 and you would earn up to $50. and this goes on for as long as the person you recommended works with THW Global. See even more incentives below. Advertising is the 4th largest global industry.

THW Global needs over 50,000 IVs which stands for International Viewers. They also need people from every race and language. This will be a Billion $ Division in this $650 Billion Dollar Industry. So if you know anyone who would also like to do this. As long as they are over 21 with a HS Diploma send this to them. You will be rewarded for doing so by receiving $5 for every $25 they earn.

It’s just pre-launch, we cannot estimate how good this project will perform, but spots are filling quickly. Get yours, now no risk. (very soon will be published new website)


Home Profit Game Plan 4 percent people

What Is ‘The Four Percent’ and Who Are The Four-Percenters?

Have you heard of the 80/20 principle? This applies in virtually every area of life. Let’s say if 100 people want to become financially free (say their goal is to create a $10,000 per month income) – 80% of them (80 people) will just talk about it. They will take no action. 20% of them (20 people) will take “some” action.

What most people don’t realize is that there’s the 80/20 within the top 20%.

So out of these 20 people now here’s what will happen:

80% of them (16 people) will dabble, kick the tires, try things out. They might even work hard and come across as being “busy” trying to do stuff. In reality these folks never get the result they want. Why? They do what’s “convenient” and nothing more. They also have no strategy for getting where they want to go.

20%, however, (4 people) will do whatever it takes to achieve their target – $10,000 per month.

These folks (the four percenters) are super dedicated and don’t tolerate average.

They don’t make excuses. They don’t look for reasons why something might not work. They MAKE things work. They work very strategically and create their own economy.

Research shows that these four-percenters earn around 95-97% of all the income that’s being earned in any given industry. These folks have the most amazing life styles and also contribute the most.

here’s the plan:

STEP 1: SOLID GROUND: Let’s get your financial situation taken care of and get you on solid grounds financially FIRST so you don’t have to worry about money or bills. If your goal is $5K/mo, $10K or $30K/mo – the fastest way for you to hit that is to plug into an effective system that works and sells a combination of “big ticket”, mid-ticket and small-ticket products *for* you and gets you paid from multiple directions anywhere from CPA style commissions and up to $4,800 for every sale. All these products must compliment each other and work as an eco-system. The best part is with this step, there is no selling or personal branding on your side is required. The system does it all and gets you paid.

STEP 2: TRAFFIC: Your only job is fueling your marketing system with traffic (visitors), and we’ll teach you exactly how to get hundreds and even thousands of targeted visitors to your site daily. But right now (and for the next several days only) we will do something really cool for you to help you jump start your business – we’ll allow you to plug in to our traffic team co-ops where you can instantly turn on the traffic and hit the ground running. We do all the marketing and you get paid.

STEP 3: GROWTH: While the system is working hard *for* you generating you income, we are very adamant about turning YOU into an independent entrepreneur, a true four-percenter, where you never have to rely on anybody or anything or any system to make you successful long term. This is where you plug into our Four Percent Training System and learn how to create a true long term success.

So the idea is to help you earn while you learn and get you started immediately.

What’s required from you is a 1000% dedication and full commitment, a pledge, that you will do whatever it takes to become a true Four-Percenter that others can look up to and rely on.

That means SHOWING UP to live trainings, following the system, doing the work and implementing what you’re learning fast making no excuses.

Yes, our system is amazing and makes big money for those who use it, and even though it will not be taken away from you as long as you’re a member, we don’t want you to rely on it for the rest of your life. Make sense? We want you to become an independent entrepreneur. A true Four-Percenter.

Pre-Launch Perks:
  • Access to a private pre-launch mastermind group for training, tips and resources.
  • Access to a video vault with over 300+ recordings of high quality internet marketing tutorials.
  • 1 free year of TEC, saving $1,200 in retail value as a pre-launch exclusive.
  • Auto-activated at all 3 product levels, bypassing the first retail sale required for each product.
  • Auto-certification of all 3 product levels, bypassing the first 2 training sales required for each product.
  • Custom affiliate links that will track your referrals of ELITE members during pre-launch.
  • Custom affiliate links to promote the August 2016 launch conference (when your attendees join at the event, they are tracked to you).
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(PS: Information is taken from newsletter by Paul Lynch, Shaqir Hussyin and Vick Strizheus)

10 steps to financial security

Using internet you can secure your financial future and don’t rely on your retirement plan that the boss or company will suggest to you.

What are these 10 steps?

(you can sort them other way and get different number, 7 or 11 steps, it’s actually not so important)

  1. Step out Comfort Zone
  2. Change Mindset
  3. Get Mentor
  4. Set Goals and Plan
  5. Choose right online marketing model (a. Ascending Model, b. Licence and Franchise, c. High Tickets)
  6. Get tools, strategy, set up sales funnel, landing page etc.
  7. Start to send traffic, generate leads..
  8. Build list, engage list, provide content, convert them to buyers
  9. Outsource and automate
  10. Position and brand yourself

It seems not easy to organize everything by yourself. It’s true! You don’t have to.

The best way to get started is to join MOBE or by applying for MTTB. This is MOBE’s 21 step program to make your first $1250, $3300, and $5500 online. You’ll be given all the tools and training you need to get started. You’ll even get a personal one-on-one coach who will work with you and answer any questions you may have.

45 minutes per day success story about home profit game plan

The MTTB application fee is $49, and allows you to go through all 21 steps. I recommend you go through the steps, then decide if this is something you want to do. If it is, great! If not, then get a full refund and continue on your journey.

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How does your business offer look like?

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Think about that for a moment, if someone was making thousands in commissions in just 12 months from this traffic source and they are saying that YOU can use the exact same source, you’d be crazy not to want to find out that website address, right?

This is a bit different. It gives you a tool and strategy.

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PS: Facebook marketing has to follow some rules not to be banned and not block your account.

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