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I continue to post traffic resources links that I use in my Coordinated High Income Portfolio (CHIP).

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Great website – Too bad no one sees it!

You just got that slick new website, and you just finished posting your ad to a gazillion FFA sites, and
classified ad sites, and search engines. You’re ready to kick back and watch your hit counter spin
like a maniac.

But every time you go back to your site, your counter only goes up by one hit – YOURS!

What’s goin’ on!?

Trust me, my friend – I KNOW what you’re going through.
Not so long ago, I was spending countless hours at my computer using the same techniques YOU’RE using. After
months of bashing my head against the wall I had nothing to show for it but frustration and depression.
I certainly wasn’t earning all those Internet millions everybody ELSE said they were earning!

Then I learned the TRUTH!

I learned the ridiculously simple methods that the folks who ARE making an income on the Internet use.
I learned that—

+++ You CAN do all of your Internet marketing in just five minutes a day – but you MUST know certain
easy-to-learn techniques!

+++ You CAN get good, quality hits to your website – but not the way you’re doing it TODAY!

+++ You CAN make an excellent income on the Internet – but only with a service that every website owner MUST

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Leads, Leads, Leads!

And – if something is unclear, please email, or even CALL me. I might not have ALL the
answers, but I WILL be happy to help in any way I can!

Remember – where you are TODAY, I was YESTERDAY,
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If you are involved in marketing your own website or affiliate marketing, this is a must have. I’m not telling you to buy it (it’s free to join) — just take 2 minutes to look over! After using this tool, hundreds of marketers online saw immediate surge of visitors and increase in sales.

Company Test Results:

In just 30 days after using this, real-time tracking shows that over 90,000 hits were delivered directly to our member websites in just 30 days. Imagine what this type of guaranteed performance can do for your online business! If your website is not pulling targeted traffic, then you need to join this website for free and start using its unique features to reach thousands of prospects immediately! Yes it’s free, but for better results you’ll want to get paid membership.
In business time is the money.

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“A milestone in email list advertising — even their free membership will blow away some of the other paid advertising” — Yuri Grin 

If you know that your website should be hauling in more orders, cash, subscribers, and leads, then check this out at…this website
 …you’ll be glad you did!

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Profitable Email Advertising

Profitable Email Marketing


Still Clicking For Less? A new list builder gives you more…

With adchiever, each time you read a mail the next one becomes more and more valuable to you…

There are literally dozens of loyalty rewards waiting for you… free upgrades, responsive ad placements, and more…

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With adchiever’s unique loyalty rewards program you are guaranteed to get high click through rates as members anxiously wait for your

This means:

More responsive advertising
More rewards for each click you make

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Profitable Email Marketing

Power of Traffic Exhangers Tezak

In this post I promote another one from my 15 traffic sources package

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Tezak Traffic Power…A most Unique traffic exchange.
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Eleven different ways to advertise.

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Stop Spam Advertising


You ruin your brand name…

Spam can be considered as personal and/or technical mistake of online entrepreneur.

Spam is usually considered to be electronic junk mail or junk newsgroup postings.

The term spam can also be used to describe any “unwanted” email from a company or website — typically at some point a user would have agreed to receive the email via subscription list opt-in — a newer term called “graymail” is used to describe this particular type of spam.

Spam first made its mark in the world in 1978 when Gary Thuerk, Marketing Director of Digital Equipment Technology sent an email solicitation to 400 employees at Arpnet. The email created a few sales, but it also created fierce backlash. Today, more than 780 billion spam messages are sent out each day to over 2 billion Internet users. This staggering statistic makes it clear why spam is such a major problem for Internet users.  Many companies are working hard to solve the spam problem, but the first step to stopping spam starts with the consumer.

There is nothing like checking your email only to find out that your inbox is swamped with unsolicited message from people you do not know. No you’re not interested to buy dog food, beauty products, slimming pills, plants, or software! But still, you get these irritating emails.

The first step in your antispam campaign may well be to understand spam and how it works.

Spam is usually defined as unsolicited e-mail that is delivered in bulk. It has become so prevalent because it’s cheap, reaches the greatest number of folks in the least amount of time, and because it’s unregulated. In the U.S. alone more than 50 million citizens are online, with their own Internet accounts.

For spammers this is an ideal situation. Even were it not to work, there’s virtually no punishment other than subsequent inability to spam until a way is found around it. And ways are constantly found around just about everything we do in our antispam campaign. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try though.

Work with legit companies that have proven history – like this —>>>

Coaching and Mentoring and Training


“You Will Never Change Your Life Until You change Something You do Daily. The Secret of Success Is Found In Your Daily Routine” – John C. Maxwell

This post is from the category: Personal Mistakes

One of the component of the right Mindset is the skill to analyze own and other’s mistakes.

You have to have a mentor for this. Especially for mistakes we make ourselves.

Have You ever considered getting a mentor?
An experienced internet marketer who can take you by the hand and show you the ropes?
Every successful internet marketer out there has had the benefit of a mentor.
But there`s a snag!
The services of a well known, successful marketer don`t come cheap!
Typically it will cost you thousands of dollars for coaching from an expert!
But now there is a way round this problem!
You can get here your personal coach to help get you started!
For the cost of a cheap meal you can start to partner with coach and begin to get the mentoring you need to take you to the next level!
Big Commission Blueprint is taking complete newbies and turning them into successful marketers in record time!
Even if you decide this is not for you, you are sure to get real value from watching this video!
One word of warning:- Don`t expect wild promises of push button riches. This is a real business which you have to work at to achieve success. If you are looking for that “three clicks and you are a millionaire!” garbage, then look elsewhere.

jim-rohn-quotes-hd-wallpaper-1Jim Rohn is a game changer

Lead Magnet building list

I can almost hear your mind thinking, ” Oh no, not another a viral list builder.” There is nothing wrong with thinking that, my friend, because there are just way too many “run of the mill” list builders that are simply designed to separate your money from your wallet.

The Lead Magnet Lead Generation System Isn’t One of Them.

(read what Stefan Berg has to say and then find more inside…)

It should come as no surprise to you when you look at all the emails you get from the big name million dollar marketers to know that the real money comes from sending as many emails as you can to people who want what you are offering, right?

After all, these wealthy marketers don’t waste their time surfing traffic exchanges 24/7, clicking PTC’s, commenting on blogs, spending hundreds of hours trying to unravel the mysteries of search engine optimization (whatever that is) or buying visitors with Google Adwords or their ilk; because when you get right down to it, they know this important fact; People spend money after reading emails.

The SHEER power of email to transform prospects into customers is the reason why everybody and their dog keeps on banging on the “Money is in the list” drum.

It’s really plain and it’s really simple.

The faster you get a list of hot, motivated, “cash in hand” leads, the faster you will make the money you want and don’t let anybody tell you different.

That’s because If you ask any marketer who is actually making it, and they are honest with you, they will tell you the single biggest reason why people fail is because they don’t have a targeted list of motivated leads.

But getting that list is the mountain most people just can’t climb.

Until now.

My name is Stefan Berg. I, too, used to waste thousands of hours and thousands of dollars looking for the magical solution to my internet money woes.

I was spending a lot of money on upgrades, coaching programs and such with little or no return. The only people getting rich from my marketing were the people I was sending my hard earned money to.

Looking back, I now realize that my biggest problem and my greatest strength was being stubborn. I was stubborn enough to not give up but I was too stubborn to accept the ugly truth that you need your own list made up of hot motivated leads in order to get what you want out of your online business.

And while I would love to say that cracking some closely guarded internet code was the secret to me moving from Sweden to the tropical paradise of Borneo; I can’t because all it took for my loving, lovely and extremely patient wife, Catarina and I to move from Sweden to Borneo was simply take the bull by the horns, start building our own Big Fat list of leads and run with it.

This is important…

….We didn’t own a membership site. We don’t sell products on Clickbank. We didn’t have thousands of affiliates driving traffic and we certainly didn’t have high powered affiliates flooding inboxes with emails.

I repeat, all we needed to live in a tropical paradise was to take the bull by the horns, start building our own list of leads and we simply shared information about our favourite programs with our list.

And get this, if you have heard me talk in chat rooms or read my emails, then you know that English is not my first lanquage. In fact, I probably couldn’t even pass a grade school English test.

That means there is no reason you can’t live your dreams too.

But saying the money is in the list is far easier said than done.

It’s simply because as I found out, the hard way, that the competition uses every single cut throat tactic they can think of. They are, in a word, ruthless.

And because I truly believe that Zig Ziglar was ‘right on the money’
when he said, you can get everything you want if you just help
enough other people get what they wan
here is the FREE…

PS: I recommend to use it in full power membership or scale up every month

And here is full list or resources from Coordinated Portfolio for Traffic.

Emails Opened At State-Of-The-Art-Mailer

Email Marketing Evolved!

Many programs have a great pitch and many also have the proof behind the pitch which makes their
credibility go through the roof!

This site smears their proof all over the front page.

Check out these numbers:

Total Members: 33,835
Total Clicks: 50,751,110
Total Commissions: $297,102.92

It’s rare to have this much disclosure on a site.

If you are looking for a quality mailer that will get your ads seen, look no further…

The proof is in the numbers!

Join now and see what it’s all about!

Sometimes we all get caught up with so many N.B.T.’s in this industry that we often neglect some of the
most reliable sites out there.

What is an N.B.T.?

The “Next Big Thing.”

There are so many large and reliable advertising websites that have been around for years…


Continue to produce great results year after year!

Yet, so many Marketers make the mistake of jumping from one N.B.T. to the next over and over.

In fact, some will actually stop spending their money on those proven sites and join something that
has no track record at all.

It’s insanity to say the least.

Do yourself a favor and get back to common sense.

State-Of-The-Art-Mailer has continued to grow and produces some outstanding click rates, even a year

You can certainly join for free as they have some great incentives, such as Button Escalation, that
allows you to still compete as a free member.

However, with their extremely reasonable prices that meet every budget, doesn’t it make sense to buy the
upgrade and capitalize on all this traffic?

Don’t continue to chase and spend money on unproven N.B.T.’s.

Email Marketing Evolved!

SafeList Available


Why settle for average? This is another hotlink in my collection.

Yes, it makes sense to have your own Coordinated High Income Portfolio.

Read more about this here

Are you settling for just an average safelist?

There is no reason why you should settle, you deserve the best!

Let me introduce to you List Avail!

List Avail has been proven time and time again to produce results.

List Avail consistently ranks high and is supported by some of the top names and

gurus in the industry and with good reason, it produces.

* Custom, state of the art script
* Above average CTR, up to 10%
* Achievements
* Free downloads for upgraded members
* Mobile friendly

PLUS much much more!

Join today at List Avail, you will love it!

A truly amazing safelist is rare to find which is why I am
so excited to introduce to you a safelist called List Avail.

This is one safelist that is truly unlike no other and an absolute
MUST have as a part of your advertising arsenal. Custom built
from scratch List Avail really sets the bar high.

ListAvail is ranked among the top safelists in the industry!

Developed using the latest up to date technology to ensure maximum deliverability.
The results produced at List Avail are truly amazing to say the least
and it is easy to see why List Avail is your next generation safelist.


Email with 2 percent click through rate

Guaranteed Mails Mean Results!

I want to introduce you to a new way to mail.

Email-Hog is bringing something new to the frontier of email marketing.

We guarantee all mails to get at least a 2% Click Thru Rate Or you get all your credits back and you can mail again.

Yes, that is right, you can be assured you will get the valuable response you need for your efforts.

Join today and you will also get $100 in free advertising to get going!

Earn credits and cash prizes for viewing solos, banners, and text ads.

Participate in contests and win cash and prizes!

Email-Hog is taking big steps to make sure our membership stays active, wants to be active, and gets the results you deserve!

You won’t be wasting your time here!

Email-Hog will also give you the “top ten” picks updated every month with the top producing mailers.

Use these recommended sites with assurance that they are performing and save hours spent on sites

that simply have fizzled out.

6800 Active Responsive Members Want To See Your Ads!

Give it a try here

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Switch from dead-end job to one hour marketing


The World’s EASIEST Way to Get Rich!

They were RIGHT!

Marketing on the Internet IS the world’s easiest way to get filthy, stinking rich!

(or at least finally quit you dead-end job where you’ve spent 20-30 yrs)

…’s also the world’s easiest way to go BROKE. (As you’re probably finding out already!)

I’m willing to bet my best mule and a new plow that you’re going through what I did not so long ago. Tell
me if I’m wrong—

—You’re spending hours and hours a day trying to get a high ranking in search engines, posting ads to FFA
sites and classified ad sites, using hit exchanges, buying (so-called) guaranteed hits, and a million
other supposedly sure-fire ways to get prospects to your website. You KNOW you have a great-looking
website and a great product, but all your blood, sweat, and tears produce ZERO income.

Are you FINALLY tired of all the hype and lies?

GOOD! Then, at last, you’re ready to find out what REALLY works on the Internet. You’re ready for the

+++ The TRUTH is – You can do all of your marketing in less than half an hour – ONCE a day!

+++ The TRUTH is – You can get good, quality prospects to your website, IF you know the techniques that the
professionals use to generate thousands of leads on a regular and consistent basis!

+++ The TRUTH is – You can produce MULTIPLE streams of residual income in less time than it currently takes
you to promote just ONE program!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But there’s a catch, my friend. If you REALLY want to stop running in circles
and stop draining your time and wallet, you must be prepared to change your way of thinking completely!
Are YOU up for it?

take action

You are? Excellent! Then grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and take a look at — click here

Cecil Kaiser, from Louisiana, thinks it’s pretty darn good! This is what HE had to say…..

” ‘Secrets of the Big Dogs’ is the most lucid, well thought out analysis of online marketing I have seen yet.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Yes, marketing on the Internet CAN be the world’s easiest way to build a thriving business of your OWN!
Ya just gotta know the TRUTH!

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