50 strategies to use in own home profit game plan online

50 Decision-Making Strategies You Never Learned In School.

Life is all about the quality of your decisions.

So, did anyone have the brilliant idea to teach you genius-level decision-making strategies in school when you were young?

Nope. Of course not, haha.

There is a sample of one rule…


But think about it – every important area of your life is all about a decision.
Who you marry. The political party you follow. What religion you embrace. What diet you implement. What career you pursue.

If you mess up one of these decisions, you can waste ten years of your life easily.
You might never recover from even one bad decision.

regulatory-uncertaintyMost people don’t.
If you want to make sure you’re not wasting your time making bad business decisions, find this book.

Remember, it’s only the book, you must apply these strategies.

Because books can kill your business – see previous post…

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Book-Of-The-Day, …

The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking by Mikael Krogerus,

…explains 50 different strategies smart people have used throughout history to make the right decision in life and business.

Forget what you learned about elementary things like a pros and cons list.

This book has more advanced, interesting solutions like:

  • The long tail.
  • Maslow’s pyramid.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • The rubber band model.
  • The prisoner’s dilemma.
  • The hype cycle.
  • The Super Memo model.
  • Cognitive dissonance.
  • The Eisenhower matrix.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Flow.
  • The personal potential trap.
  • The Swiss cheese model.
  • The results optimization model …and more

I highly recommend this one. (as  Tai Lopez did)

It’s a tiny book that you can read slowly over a few sittings. I’m already on my second pass through it.

Main topic of the post:


All our life we make decisions. Do we use any rules? Learn from others’s mistakes – not from yours! Be wise Man! (may be Lao Tsu or Confucius).

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