Hi and Welcome,

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Yuri Grin, I’ve lived in Toronto, Canada since 2003 (my background is Ukraine and Russia).

If you want to know more about me personally, please send me a friend request on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

You probably visiting this website because either you have a business or any interested in working from home (or any location where WiFi is available).

Anyway, I think we can cooperate with each other and share ideas (useful information).

Casa Loma Castle, in Toronto, 2016, October

Why am I here and what I can suggest to you?

My internet adventure is not unique. Almost everyone who is making money online has gone through months (or even years) of trial and error…They’ve also spent thousands of dollars to test out the correct ways to make money online.

I’ve been marketing online since 2014 and I can tell you that  it’s been nothing but a struggle, loosing money and time. I’ve bought product after product and course after course only to find out that it was either not what I expected or it was another “secret” from “gurus” where after some steps I had to buy another overpriced training. Finally, I stopped buying all these “get-quick-rich” schemes.

And I took a break. I understood that something is missing (one important piece of a puzzle).


But I didn’t quit! (It’s not an option for me after I had spent so much money, time and energy).

After couple years of looking and searching the internet for different business opportunities and legal ways to make income from home I came back again to affiliate marketing. This time I’ve learned how to do this right way.

I’ve learned important lesson. There’s one thing, and one thing only that separates newbies or people who fail to earn extra money online from top earners.

It’s not smarts. Although, smart people tend to enjoy the challenge of online marketing.

It’s not work ethic. Although, people who work hard tend to earn more on average.

And it’s not time spent in the system. Although committing to your goal for the long-term is a key to success.

No, the thing that separates someone who earns five-figures a year from someone who earns six-figures is…

The advice and guidance of a mentor.

You may be surprised by this conclusion. You might have been expecting something else.

But let me assure you – this IS the key.

If you agree, go ahead and press the button below

See you on inside.


             “No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress,
you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.” – Tony Robbins



  • Email: admin@workwithyurigrin.com

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