Another typical story

Family conflict over money lost in money making schemes.

Can you relate to this story?

<< Things couldn’t get any worse …

My husband and I just had our first nasty fight.

It was over money.

And it all started with a click of a button.

I got seduced, lured and taken advantage of.

Who wouldn’t?

It was a work from home opportunity offering fast and easy
cash just by filling out surveys.

How hard can that be?

Besides, it was only for $30 bucks.

Then I started imagining …

No boss.

No time constraints.

The whole thing screams “total freedom”.

My husband wasn’t convinced though.

But I wasn’t listening.

… I was too eager to get some money to pay bills and
groceries and maybe … even treat my family once in a while.

With the click of a mouse I discovered too late what I’ve
gotten myself into.

The promise of filling out surveys wasn’t anywhere as
profitable as promised.

Yeah you do get to fill out gigantic piles of surveys, free
trials and other offers…

(almost had carpal tunnel because of the repetitive nature of it)

But you only make the dough when you get your friends to
sign up too.

And that’s NOT what I was expecting!

I felt cheated.

Still … with my pride as a wife on the line, I had to make
it work.

(I hate it when my husband’s right)

So I did.

Which brought me to a whopping total of $3.62 for the whole

Didn’t even recoup my initial investment.

Not to mention the hours I spent in front of the PC instead
of taking care of my kids.

Now, I don’t know about you but that wasn’t my idea of fast

But I wasn’t giving up.

Sure, that must have been just a minor setback.

So I scoured the internet (yet again) for something to stop
the bleeding.

Data entry, mystery shopping, writing novels for kindle …
just to earn a little extra on the side.

And in the process …

I spent $1000 that I didn’t have on credit card debt …

Yeah, I really got suckered.

And that’s why I want to show you a better income generating

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I didn’t matter that I don’t know squat about anything
technical either …

And it certainly didn’t matter that at the time, I didn’t
have any training or voice talent …

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