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Warren Buffet doesn’t recommend cryptomarket.

Warren Buffet advises people not to invest in cryptocurrencies, arguing that they have no intrinsic value. To what extent do you agree with him?

Speculation on prices and investment in real product or technologies are different things. I think it’s understood.

Warren Buffet is a well-known investor. He doesn’t play or trade on Forex. (see post in Quora on this point, by Doug Armey)

But there should be a way for the little guy to win. Bitcoins and altcoins are virtual, but this is now the trend in digital economy.

You can buy bread for dollars or for gold. What about bitcoins? I think there was the point of no return when the first pizza was sold for bitcoins. You can buy Tesla car from Elon Mask for bitcoins and etc.

What about internet? Does it have any value behind it? Why virtual coins do not have value then if you can pay for Airbnb hotels, for UBER taxi services, AliExpress…all these services are coming soon. Banks buy and sell bitcoins, make good profits on it.

So let us be entrepreneurs to some extent and earn on this digital trend.

Confucius said –  ” The best time to plant a tree
was ten years ago; the second best time is now”

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Bitcoin coins and blockchain is new breakthrough to finance

Is this a new sun on the horizon?


If you were sure Bitcoin will cost $1 million in the next 3-5 years,

would you start to collect it?. No comments.

Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, Alternative cryptocurrencies!

Let me show you how it works for me now (more details about this post later).

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How much bitcoins are left to mine?

Interesting question! – How much bitcoin is left to mine?

In fact, there are only 21 million Bitcoins that can be mined in total.

(the number is changing all the time, by Kehinde Awosemo, Internet Marketer, Fx/Binary Trader/Cryptopreneur)

According to CoinMarketCap, a total of 16, 601, 200 BTC is currently in circulation as at the time of typing this answer.

In other words, there are still a whooping 4, 398, 800 BTC left to be mined!

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Laptop Lifestyle System

(Watch the video here)

In the video you just watched, you learned the big reason why pretty much everyone struggles to make any real money online.

Think about it…
If you’re out there working your butt off to try to make $7-$10 affiliate commissions, it takes a lot of those for you to make any real money…
Let’s say you set a goal to make $3,000 per month.
At $10 per sale, you need 300 sales to make $3,000…
Let’s really think about that.

…and most people are lucky to get a 1-2% conversion rate when they’re just starting out.

At a 2% conversion rate, you need 15,000 visitors to make 300 sales, or $3,000.

And you need 15,000 visitors month after month.

That’s A LOT of traffic…

And if you want to make more money, you need even more traffic…

It should be pretty obvious right now, that…300 sales means you had to convince 300 people to pull the trigger and BUY something…

You Will NEVER Get Rich Selling $10 eBooks 

And Other Low Ticket Products…
Trying to make money online this way is BIGGEST mistake you can make…
And if you’re like most struggling marketer and newbies, you’re probably working your butt off to try to make $7 here and $10 there promoting ebooks and other low ticket programs because some course or guru told you that’s what you should be doing…
But if you’re new, just starting out , or struggling, this is a recipe for DISASTER… (learn more from one of the follower of this system – Carolina Milan)

We’re here to tell you that unless you already have a massive list capable of driving thousands of visitors, you should NOT be focused on promoting low-ticket offers.
  • You will waste time…
  • You will lose money…
  • And you will get very frustrated and possibly give up in the process…

We don’t want that to happen to you.

So, what’s the answer?

With The Right High Ticket Offers, You Can 

Make $500 – $3,000+ Per Sale…


Here’s why you need to focus on promoting high-ticket offers instead of low-ticket offers…

It takes the SAME amount of effort to make a sale whether the offer pays out $10 or $3,000…
You can get big results with WAY less traffic
Despite what most marketers think, high-ticket offers are actually easier for newbies to promote
High ticket offers have less competition so your conversion rates are better than low ticket offers when you do things the right way
Would You Rather Make $10 Or $3,000+?

It’s a no brainer, right?

$3,000+ a few times a month will change your life…
$10 a few times a month will barely pay your internet bill…
If you’re going to put in the work on your online business, why not shoot for commissions that will actually change your life…
…especially since it’s just as easy…

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Global Domains International inc. marketing plan

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There is no shortage of dreams in the internet marketing industry.
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I found company – Global Domains International – with 15 years proven successful record, working in 100+ countries, listed in 500 index of companies.

Here’s a plan that won’t buy you an island or a private jet, but it WILL pay the bills and allow you to take vacations with your family…

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You have to leverage the power of teamwork.

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Bitcoin and Electroneum another trend in the cryptocurrency market.

Electroneum. It’s might be another big trend in the cryptocurrency market!

I am not sure if you are aware ( I heard of it 4 days ago) that today some tiny, new digital currencies are offering profits far bigger than bitcoin is!

And much more quickly.

And you don’t need to be a computer whiz for this, or know every detail about how digital currencies work…

You just need to participate in a few good ICO, Initial Coin Offerings.

I have many reasons to believe that I have found such an offering.

Right now you can get a bonus on your Coin Purchase and the coins are being offered at only $0.01.

With the current discount, if you buy $1 worth you get 110 coins!!

Electroneum goes Public November 1st, 2017.

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Did u Miss Bitcoin? I think a lot of people did.

I am Not Much into ICO But Electroneum is Something Not To Be Missed!

Many People Became Millionnaire Because When 1 Bitcoin’s Price was $0.25 and Now it is about $4,800!

Here is Another Chance…WHY?

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Imagine When Price SOARS!

WHY Electroneum?

– Duncan Logan the CEO of RocketSpace A Long Time Investor of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
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– Big Investors Like Uber, IBM, Spotify and Hootsuite..
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Email 70 MILLION Targeted – Opt-In Prospects Every Month

Email 70 MILLION Targeted – Opt-In Prospects Every Month

Paid traffic is very important for success in home profit game plan

Are you going from one safelist to another cutting and pasting your ads?

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Borderless Income System with super affiliate Ewen Chia

World’s #1 Super Affiliate Reveals “Newbie-Friendly” System for Making Money Online from Anywhere in the World.

I wanted to tell you something today.

Super affiliates can choose from (literally) thousands of programs.

Which is why it’s a big deal that Ewen Chia – whom many call the World’s #1 Super Affiliate – has fully endorsed this system, after earning over $500,000 in commissions!

This offer is personal choice of Super affiliate Ewen Chia and believe me, he knows what to promote..

Keep in mind that this kind of offer is the best for the people who are already involved in a home business opportunity and/or buy internet marketing training products. They can use the power of this model from the start.

Why is it an Incredible Offer?

Why I Chose the “Borderless Income System” (says Ewen Chia)

As my business grew, I became very selective about the systems I promoted, because there’s so much junk online.

So, when I found the Borderless Income System three years ago, I wanted to make sure it met my three main criteria:

First – How well does it convert?

Second – Does the product deliver on its promise?

Third – Does the company take care of its partners (affiliates)?

To answer the first question, I looked at a metric called EPC (Earnings Per Click), which is gross sales divided by clicks.

If you haven’t heard of EPC, here’s an example:

Let’s say you spend $100 on Facebook ads for 200 clicks, and make $500 in gross sales. That means you spent 50 cents per click, and made $5 per click, or a $5 EPC.

In order words … would you pay 50 cents to make $5?

Of course you would; that’s like putting $1 into a vending machine and getting $10 back!

It’s a very good return on your money.

To answer the second question, I researched the program, and made sure they honored their guarantees.

I also looked for testimonials, and confirmed their customers were happy.

I did this because my audience would not have been happy with me if I endorsed a bad program.

In this case reading is not a good choice – watch the video – click here or press these images.

In this short video, he’ll tell you about the Borderless Income System, and how it met his strict criteria for High Sales, Good Fulfillment, and Affiliate Support.

You will like it because…

When you join today, you also get a personal coach.

Your coach will be an Internet Business expert, who has used the Borderless Income System to earn commissions themselves.

The company behind this system is willing to train and pay these coaches, because they know that coaching triples your chance of success.

And when you’re more successful, that means more sales for the company (and more commissions for you).

It’s a win-win.

So, as you go through the 21-step training, your coach will guide you and show you how to apply it.

They will answer your questions, encourage you, and push you to send more leads and increase your commissions.


Dollar vs. Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies.

The Dollar vs. Bitcoin

The U.S. government will pay $474 billion in interest on its debt this year. And that’s with rates around 1%. (see ‘5 facts about National Debt’ – here by Drew Desilver)

Total debt is now $19.845 trillion, and it just exceeded annual GDP.

Debt Exceeds GDP

Their unfunded liabilities top $100 trillion.   (see “America’s Real Debt Shocker ” here  by Philip Wegmann)

Eventually the interest on the debt will become unsustainable, and they’ll have to start monetizing the debt on a massive scale. I’m not saying they’ll default on the bonds. I’m simply questioning whether the dollars they’re paid back with will have much value.

When this happens, they’ll have an opportunity to choose a new system. I would vote for a cattle-based monetary system over the current one, personally.

But luckily we have bitcoin. The rise of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin may prove to be a catalyst that speeds the transition.

That’s the situation when 1-2 BTC in a long-run can be your perfect Retirement Plan.

Cryptocurrencies offer a path forward to a new and better monetary system.


A system where the money supply can be hard-coded. One that doesn’t require middlemen… and that vastly increases efficiency.

It’s no coincidence that bitcoin is rising now.

Bitcoin was launched amid bank bailouts in 2009 by a guy who thought the financial system was broken. Fortunately, Satoshi Nakamoto was a genius, and he created a brilliant piece of software.

It’s growing exponentially now because people are looking at the current system, shaking their heads and then looking for something else.

And bitcoin is transforming the financial world with blockchain because the technology is superior.

People want this. They want a way to store value and trusted transactions that doesn’t suck.

If this crazy monetary revolution does happen, don’t you want to own at least a piece of it?

P.S. We’re still in the early days of blockchain and cryptocurrency. So if you haven’t invested yet, don’t worry. Time is on your side.

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