Avoid Online Scams

Cut Through The Chaff and Avoid Online Scams

Although there is great potential to make money online, the internet is also riddled with scams and fraudsters. And unfortunately, people fall for such scams every day. Fraudsters know that thousands of people need money, and will turn to desperate measures to obtain it.

So how do you find ways to avoid scams online, when many are so convincing? While some phishing emails are transparently fraudulent, others look like the real deal. One click and then your computer is ruined, or your credit card details are stolen. In 2014 fraudsters managed to steal over £614 million from victims in the UK.

Whether you’re targeted with emails, pop ups or advertisements, how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? Like those leaflets that claim you’ve won a million, we all want to believe they’re true.

Firstly, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is a scam. As the famous saying goes: ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’- an adage that certainly applies to the internet. Secondly, if they don’t offer a free sample without first offering your payment details, then stay away.

The next time a pop up window claims you’re the 10,000th customer, it might be best to switch off.

It must be a scam!

How many times have you said that to yourself?

If it is too good to be true  then it is probably a scam.

The only way to avoid online scams is:

 Try before you buy.


No matter how good an offer sounds if you have to subscribe to it before you have tried it, leave it alone.

If the offer is as good as it sounds then the seller would give you a chance of examining the article before asking for money.

But there are ways to avoid online scams.

Would you buy a pair of shoes before you tried them on? No, of course, you wouldn’t, so why would you pay for an offer of downloading software to make money online before you have tried it?

Of all the distinguishing qualities of a person or people, probably the most dominant feature is greed.

Wanting something for nothing, or making a lot of money for very little outlay, and that’s what  the scammers prey on, make you an offer you can’t refuse for a reasonable fee, then when they have your money, hey presto the disappearing rabbit trick, no contact and nowhere to be found, and you are left with software that is very basic but you can upgrade for an additional payment.

Don’t Get Hooked In.

hooked inAnother tell tale sign is the pop-up window when you try to leave the page, telling you that because you are the 1000th customer, you qualify for a discount on the advertised price, of course you are so are the 1000 people before you.

When you get an offer online, time is of the essence, think about it, look deeper into the offer, do research on the article through Google.

Very often if you type into the search bar the actual offer that is being made or the company involved, 9/10 will have reviews from people that have already been exposed to it and you get a very good idea if this is genuine or just another scam.

Don’t be fooled by the “You must act now” message attached to any offer, there will be plenty of time to invest if the offer is genuine or the offer of large profits in a short space of time, believe me that just does not happen.

Always be aware of anything that doesn’t ring true, scammers are very clever, they will have you believe that black is white if you let them,  so do not take in everything that’s written, take time and be sure before you click.

Money Back Guarantees.

Watch out for those Money Back Guarantee that are offered, most are not as guaranteed as they sound.

T’s C’s are put on the returning item and they are pretty stringent, so if you have an item that you acquired through the post with a 60-day guarantee on it, you had better make sure that the item is exactly how it was when you received it and the packaging is in mint condition.  The software that you have bought is probably from an affiliate of the company and has already been paid out, so the company are going to make it very uncomfortable for you in returning any money that you have paid them.

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