Behaviour Based Email Follow-Ups

One of the parts of our DFY (Done-for-You) Sales Funnel Project

After implementing your unique Squeeze pages and free report promoting your products, we’ll create a behaviour based email follow-up sequence for you.

Prospects are getting smarter, and old-hat follow-up emails aren’t working anymore. These funnels are ‘behaviour based’, and are personalized to every prospect. They will tell your story and build rapport with your subscribers, selling them your offers.

emails follow-up

If the funnel senses your prospects are ‘hot’, it will send them more aggressive sales emails. If it senses your prospects are losing interest, it will send them rapport building emails. Dynamically following up with your leads to Squeeze the most sales out of them while creating a highly responsive subscriber base.


And this is one of at least 11th elements you should apply to your business. Learn more here…

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