Black box in Home Profit GamePlan

Have you ever heard the phrase “black box?”

A black box, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “anything that has mysterious or unknown internal functions or mechanisms.”

When you look at a black box, you know SOMETHING is going on inside ‘you just can’t be sure WHAT exactly.

And successful online sales funnels are very much a “black box” to most new marketers.

On the outside, it looks deceptively simple ‘even elegant and beautiful.

But once you start to peer inside, the ‘ugliness’ and complexity you find can be overwhelming.

It’s like seeing a beautiful flower arrangement in an oaken bucket in a gorgeous garden.
But when you lift the bucket, the 100-legged insects and slimy worms are revealed.

There’s a lot going on under the surface! And it ain’t pretty!

In fact, some of it doesn’t even make sense when you first hear it explained.
It’s like seeing one of those creepy crawlies under the bucket. Some of them look like aliens from another planet.

You don’t know what it is.
You don’t know why it’s there.
You don’t know how it contributes to the success of the little ecosystem.

But somehow it does.


Well, We’ve done all the digging under the bucket to discover all the ugly little secrets of online business success.

So you don’t have to.


All you have to do is ‘water’ the flowers and watch them blossom with high commissions deposited right to your bank account.

Sure, you can raise flowers by getting your hands and knees dirty digging in the dirt ‘but there’s an easier way.

And it’s guaranteed.

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Main topic of the post:


Sales funnel is a “black box”. But when you send right stimulus you get right response?

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