Buying traffic profitably


In my last blog post I explained how…

Free traffic is a myth. 

Basically… your time is worth money, so even if you use no-cost strategies to get traffic, your TIME is costing you money.

It’s not about trying to get free traffic… it’s about …

Buying Traffic Profitably.

Here’s what it boils down to: TRAFFIC + CONVERSIONS = SALES

Most people (especially newbies) think it’s: Traffic = Sales

This could NOT be further from the truth.

Here’s a real life example… In 2000, went on a traffic rampage – they spent millions on Superbowl ads and went bankrupt within 12 months.


They were paying roughly $270 per customer to get traffic- but only monetizing that traffic to the tune of about $75. There was more being spent than coming in.

More traffic wouldn’t have helped unless it was paying out $270 per customer. Unfortunately most entrepreneurs make this deadly mistake and don’t even know it.

Traffic is NOT the most important factor. Your focus should be on building websites that convert that traffic into sales.

The key to buying traffic profitably is calculating your

Average Visitor Value (AVV)

AVV = Gross Sales/Unique Visitors

Note: AVV is also known as Earnings Per Click or EPC.

Your average visitor value (AVV) is the maximum you can pay for a visitor to your site and still break even.

Unless you know this number, you cannot make informed traffic-buying decisions. Any traffic you buy will be based on ‘intuition’ or ‘hope.’

Example: Let’s say you send 100 unique visitors to your site. And from those 100 visitors, you get just 1 sale for $100 (a conversion rate of 1%)

Average visitor and Unique visitor

To work out the average visitor value of your site, simply take your gross sales, and divide it by your unique visitors for the same time period.

So take $100 and divide it by 100 unique visitors, and you are left with an average visitor value of $1. That means that on average, every visitor you got that day was worth $1 to your business.

If you are spending LESS than your AVV to acquire leads, you have the beginnings of a profitable business. If you are spending more, you do NOT have a sustainable online business.

Here’s how this applies to you…

My offers have a very high AVV – which means that if you drive traffic to them, you can create a sustainable online income. I’ve taken care of the CONVERSION part of the equation for you, so all you have to worry about is getting leads into my sales funnels.

And if you partner with me, you’ll get 90% commission on the front-end sales made to your leads and up to $1,200 for each backend sale my phone team (and online sales funnel) makes FOR YOU!

But you have to take the first step and get your free copy of IM Revolution. (see previous post) or get your copy here

After you get your free copy, I’ll let you know how you can partner with me.

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