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Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins is the train to future.

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The Great Inflation Deception: Bureaucrats and Bankers are Burgling Your Money 

(article posted by J.Sloan)

Here’s What Buffett, Gates, and Soros are Doing Right Now to Protect Themselves.

Mega-investors Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, George Soros, and John Paulsen are all running from the supposedly “strong” U.S. dollar like scalded dogs before it’s value is stolen right out from under them.

It is vital you act on what these billionaires, a former Federal Reserve Chairman, and even a past Treasury Secretary are already preparing for.

It’s a horrible but still little-understood truth:  The U.S. dollar is on a steady downward death spiral from carefully hidden inflation.

This stealth inflation continues to slash the buying power — and steal the value — of millions of unsuspecting Americans’ life savings.

Let me bring you up to speed. Unlike the inflation-ravaged 1970’s, today’s official government statistics have been systematically gutted.

This cover-up conceals what many U.S. retirees and even the young folks already suspect or sense: “My dollar doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to.”

Hidden inflation is a threat to your future comfort, big time! It means ANY investment you have is worth less than you think. It also reduces your future ability to pay for fuel, electricity, food, health care, and other basic daily needs. And it is especially merciless to people who assume they can live comfortably on a fixed income.

Analyst John Williams of the remarkable “Shadow Government Statistics” cites credible evidence of almost 10% inflation rate instead of the government’s reported sub-2% rate. He notes, “The basic elements for a dollar collapse and an eventual hyperinflationary environment in the U.S. remain locked in place.”  Take a look at this chart.

Notice that in the 1980’s the blue and red lines were almost the same. Then since about 1988 they gradually come farther and farther apart. The blue line is what you are actually experiencing; the red line is what the government would have you believe.

If the inflation is 2% or less (as we are told), why does every trip to the grocery cost so much more than it did last year?

Hard Times Ahead if You Are on A Fixed Income and Unprepared

This is all part of War on Cash. However it is part of the ‘war’ that you cannot easily see. Just as with a sniper in a regular shooting war, you cannot see him, but you may soon be killed anyway.
Although you can’t easily see the inflation, the prices will kill your wallet anyway.
There are four ways to protect yourself – and ultimately you need some of each of the four.
They are physical gold and silver (NOT stocks or futures contracts), crypto currency, and cash (money in the bank or savings accounts is NOT cash).
What can we do?

Open bitcoin (or crypto currency wallet and keep some funds in cryptocurrency). If you didn’t have done yet.

BTW – If you do not have any current Bitcoin processor account, there is an easy way to start.
The one I have used for a while – and like – is CoinBase, but there are others if you prefer. Joining is as simple as it is for the other processors you are familiar with. A nice plus with CoinBase is that if you join with an initial deposit of $100 or more, they will give you a free $10 extra.

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There are many crypto type programs popping up all over nowadays. Unfortunately most of them will be gone within a few months. You have to be very careful. Bitcoin type programs are like the wild, wild West in the late 1800’s. Fortunes were made, but many went broke.
Same today. The one, mentioned above, is working now. I will recommend some more in the next posts.
Either of these program take very little time – almost “set and forget”. No surfing, no clicking, no hassles. So you can grow your Bitcoin stake while you are busy doing other things – or just loafing.
Whichever way you go, you need to grow your stash of Bitcoins.
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