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Scale business in the next 90 days this year

This is the way you fill your “bucket of time”. Don’t do this year!

Let me explain. Of course, many entrepreneurs know this idea. How do you plan your 2017?

What you (and I) need to do better, is decide what are the most important things we have to accomplish in our businesses in the next 90 days, and then focus on getting them done.

These are what you call your ‘Rocks.’

First, put big ‘rocks’ in the bucket.

Imagine, The big glass container represents your time.

Lets call it the next 90 days.

Next to it, you have some big rocks, pebbles, sand, and water.

If you put in the water and sand first, they’ll fall right to the bottom.  Then if you add in the pebbles, they’ll sit immersed in the water, on top of the sand.

Then if you try to put in the big rocks, they’ll sit on top of everything else, and they won’t all fit.


If you do it another way, it’s possible to get everything to fit in the jar just nicely.

First put in the big rocks.

Then the pebbles are poured in, and they all fall between the gaps in the rocks to the bottom.  Then the sand is poured, and finally the water.

Everything fits.

Here’s the lesson;  those rocks represent the big, important things you have to do each day.

It could be sending an email to your list.  Hosting a sales webinar.  Setting up a joint venture deal.

Planning the outline of a new product. Making 10 sales calls.

Basically the important things that move your business forwards.

The pebbles, sand, and water represent the lesser important ‘busy’ work.

A pebble might be taking a phone call with a colleague in your industry, and chatting about how things are going in your businesses.

You might get some value out of this call.  But more likely, you’ll burn up 30 minutes of time and it won’t impact your business.

The sand could be you responding to a few urgent but unimportant emails.

The water is you checking Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter… or getting sucked into watching time wasting videos on Youtube.

The water activities are incredibly tempting.  They don’t require much deep thought, and are entertaining.

But they do nothing to move your business forwards.

My big goal in 2017 is to focus more on the rocks and leave the pebbles, sand and water to the end of the day IF I have time.

By the way – I didn’t come up with this analogy.

I read about it in this book by Verne Harnish, which you should buy.

It’s called ‘Scaling Up.’ (thanks to my mentor, Matt Lloyd for this reminder)

If you’ve got a business that’s doing multiple 6 figures annually and you want to scale to multiple 7 figures, you’ll get a lot out of it.

And if you have a new business and / or you’re not yet making a lot of sales, you’ll still get some useful insights out of it.

So while I’m in my location today in Toronto I’ll be clearly identifying my rocks for the first quarter of 2017.

Any opportunities / distractions that come up during those 90 days, will have to go on the waiting list for the next 90 days.  Completing the current Rocks will be the number one priority.

My advice to you is to start operating your business this way.

Decide on what the most important things are to accomplish in the next 90 days, and block out everything else.  What few important projects will result in the greatest amount of sales?

If you focus on these things, you’ll be able to complete 2017 having accomplished a few super important projects that catapulted your business forwards, rather than half-completed 100 different things that were not really that important in the first place.

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“Secrets of the Big Dogs” – useful reading for internet markets since 2001


Stop Spam Advertising


You ruin your brand name…

Spam can be considered as personal and/or technical mistake of online entrepreneur.

Spam is usually considered to be electronic junk mail or junk newsgroup postings.

The term spam can also be used to describe any “unwanted” email from a company or website — typically at some point a user would have agreed to receive the email via subscription list opt-in — a newer term called “graymail” is used to describe this particular type of spam.

Spam first made its mark in the world in 1978 when Gary Thuerk, Marketing Director of Digital Equipment Technology sent an email solicitation to 400 employees at Arpnet. The email created a few sales, but it also created fierce backlash. Today, more than 780 billion spam messages are sent out each day to over 2 billion Internet users. This staggering statistic makes it clear why spam is such a major problem for Internet users.  Many companies are working hard to solve the spam problem, but the first step to stopping spam starts with the consumer.

There is nothing like checking your email only to find out that your inbox is swamped with unsolicited message from people you do not know. No you’re not interested to buy dog food, beauty products, slimming pills, plants, or software! But still, you get these irritating emails.

The first step in your antispam campaign may well be to understand spam and how it works.

Spam is usually defined as unsolicited e-mail that is delivered in bulk. It has become so prevalent because it’s cheap, reaches the greatest number of folks in the least amount of time, and because it’s unregulated. In the U.S. alone more than 50 million citizens are online, with their own Internet accounts.

For spammers this is an ideal situation. Even were it not to work, there’s virtually no punishment other than subsequent inability to spam until a way is found around it. And ways are constantly found around just about everything we do in our antispam campaign. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try though.

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Coaching and Mentoring and Training


“You Will Never Change Your Life Until You change Something You do Daily. The Secret of Success Is Found In Your Daily Routine” – John C. Maxwell

This post is from the category: Personal Mistakes

One of the component of the right Mindset is the skill to analyze own and other’s mistakes.

You have to have a mentor for this. Especially for mistakes we make ourselves.

Have You ever considered getting a mentor?
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Typically it will cost you thousands of dollars for coaching from an expert!
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One word of warning:- Don`t expect wild promises of push button riches. This is a real business which you have to work at to achieve success. If you are looking for that “three clicks and you are a millionaire!” garbage, then look elsewhere.

jim-rohn-quotes-hd-wallpaper-1Jim Rohn is a game changer

Vote to elect your personal economy


I voted for my own personal economy… (I agree with this point suggested by Terry Lamb)


Easy, I purchased this; and I promote it online for a full time living.

I even leverage it 100%, meaning I need nothing but THAT.

Vote for your own ECONOMY HERE.

Doesn’t matter who wins now in American election (Now we know that it’s Donald Trump) (continued by Tai Lopez).

With mainstream media focused so much on tomorrow’s election, Americans are consumed by fear. They think one man or woman is going to solve their problems, shift their financial woes, and be the cure-all for their less-than-great life.

They’re wrong. Only you can change your own life.

How? You’ve heard me say it before but it’s true: you have to invest in yourself to acquire the knowledge you need to make changes and then you have to take action.

Financial freedom is not about working hard around the clock, but learning how to work smart. Learning how to make your money work for you, so you don’t have to physically wear yourself down working for it.

Along with the fact that inflation and taxes will only go up, comes the fact that our bodies will slow down over time. At some point in your life, you’ll want to work less, travel more, spend quality time with your loved ones, eat at your favorite restaurants, drive your dream car…

…that “time” is determined by one person, and one person only — you.

Your actions determine your results, and your thoughts determine your actions.

False-Thought: I can’t become successful in online business from home. I have no experience. It’s too competitive and complicated. I don’t have enough money.

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Time for Business Online

But I Don’t Have Enough Time… (story by Tai Lopez)


My first mentor Joel Salatin used to tell me, “Tai, when people tell you they don’t have time, they mean they don’t have time ‘for that’.  People always make time for their true priorities…”

There’s so many minutes in an hour, hours in a day, and days in a week but people still somehow manage to make excuses for why they can’t do things.

What they should be doing is creating reasons for why they can do things.

When I was living in a trailer with only $47 dollars to my name, I could have told myself that it’s helpless and convince myself I’m wasting my time even though I’m trying to get out of the situation.

If I did that, I wouldn’t have improved my life and I wouldn’t be here talking to you now.

See, as long as you’re taking action towards progress there is no such thing as “wasting time”. The only time that’s wasted is time doing nothing.

So ask yourself this… Are you taking advantage of the limited time you have left on this earth?

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There’s been plenty of times in my life as an entrepreneur where I’ve missed big opportunities because I didn’t take the chance… some of these ended up being successful projects.

I’ve learned that it’s important to make sure that not only are you optimizing your time, but also seizing the opportunity in front of you.

You never know what you’re going to miss out on if you play it too safe.

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The 10 Questions

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Here is your copy of my eBook The 10 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Before Choosing a Home-Based Business. (by Matt Lloyd)

I know you’ll find it useful because, unlike a lot of guides and how-tos and checklists that you can find on the internet, my eBook is really more of a story.

In the eBook, you’ll see the mistakes I made along the way. You’ll read about the hard lessons I learned on my journey toward building a 40 million dollar company. How I learned, from experience, what questions I wish I had asked.

Had I known then what I know now, it would have saved me a ton of hassle, heartache, and, of course, money.

I encourage you to read the eBook right away and ask yourself those 10 questions before starting any business.

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Avoid Online Scams

Cut Through The Chaff and Avoid Online Scams

Although there is great potential to make money online, the internet is also riddled with scams and fraudsters. And unfortunately, people fall for such scams every day. Fraudsters know that thousands of people need money, and will turn to desperate measures to obtain it.

So how do you find ways to avoid scams online, when many are so convincing? While some phishing emails are transparently fraudulent, others look like the real deal. One click and then your computer is ruined, or your credit card details are stolen. In 2014 fraudsters managed to steal over £614 million from victims in the UK.

Whether you’re targeted with emails, pop ups or advertisements, how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? Like those leaflets that claim you’ve won a million, we all want to believe they’re true.

Firstly, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is a scam. As the famous saying goes: ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’- an adage that certainly applies to the internet. Secondly, if they don’t offer a free sample without first offering your payment details, then stay away.

The next time a pop up window claims you’re the 10,000th customer, it might be best to switch off.

It must be a scam!

How many times have you said that to yourself?

If it is too good to be true  then it is probably a scam.

The only way to avoid online scams is:

 Try before you buy.


No matter how good an offer sounds if you have to subscribe to it before you have tried it, leave it alone.

If the offer is as good as it sounds then the seller would give you a chance of examining the article before asking for money.

But there are ways to avoid online scams.

Would you buy a pair of shoes before you tried them on? No, of course, you wouldn’t, so why would you pay for an offer of downloading software to make money online before you have tried it?

Of all the distinguishing qualities of a person or people, probably the most dominant feature is greed.

Wanting something for nothing, or making a lot of money for very little outlay, and that’s what  the scammers prey on, make you an offer you can’t refuse for a reasonable fee, then when they have your money, hey presto the disappearing rabbit trick, no contact and nowhere to be found, and you are left with software that is very basic but you can upgrade for an additional payment.

Don’t Get Hooked In.

hooked inAnother tell tale sign is the pop-up window when you try to leave the page, telling you that because you are the 1000th customer, you qualify for a discount on the advertised price, of course you are so are the 1000 people before you.

When you get an offer online, time is of the essence, think about it, look deeper into the offer, do research on the article through Google.

Very often if you type into the search bar the actual offer that is being made or the company involved, 9/10 will have reviews from people that have already been exposed to it and you get a very good idea if this is genuine or just another scam.

Don’t be fooled by the “You must act now” message attached to any offer, there will be plenty of time to invest if the offer is genuine or the offer of large profits in a short space of time, believe me that just does not happen.

Always be aware of anything that doesn’t ring true, scammers are very clever, they will have you believe that black is white if you let them,  so do not take in everything that’s written, take time and be sure before you click.

Money Back Guarantees.

Watch out for those Money Back Guarantee that are offered, most are not as guaranteed as they sound.

T’s C’s are put on the returning item and they are pretty stringent, so if you have an item that you acquired through the post with a 60-day guarantee on it, you had better make sure that the item is exactly how it was when you received it and the packaging is in mint condition.  The software that you have bought is probably from an affiliate of the company and has already been paid out, so the company are going to make it very uncomfortable for you in returning any money that you have paid them.

If you want a legitimate way to learn how to make money online, try this.

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Cryptocurrency is the future of many financial operations.

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Work From Home Scams

And How To Avoid Them (recommended by Gdodd).

Working from home is becoming more and more popular, but I’m afraid the more people trying to create an honest living from the internet, the more there will be the sites that try to leverage money from them for inadequate and useless offers.

So how do you avoid work from home scams?

The point of owning a website is to earn money online, but most people will get drawn into the shiny object syndrome at some point in the lives. There are so many tempting offers out there that it can be very easy to succumb to that tempting video, advert or landing page, only to discover that the product you have subscribed to isn’t worth a penny.

How Can You Tell If That Offer Is A Scam?

Even if the offer isn’t a scam in the true definition of the word, there are many people that have bought products or subscribed to schemes that leave them feeling ripped off, you don’t actually receive what the offer portrayed until you upgrade.

I will try and show you how to discover if a website is a scam. Some telltale signs are so obvious even a blind man could see them.

7 ways to tell if a website is a scam:

1. Claims of “Let’s make lots of money” overnight

Ok so along comes that very enticing promise of a secret way to earn $1000’s in a very short space of time.

Come on  let’s face it, if there was a way to earn $1,000s of dollars within days of downloading a program, do you really think it would be a secret? It just simply isn’t true. Yes, you can earn $1000’s with an online business but it takes a time to achieve results like that. You need an established website and presence before you can make sales. If you want to be a success, you need to be patient.

2. That annoying video you just can’t stop.

I find these the most annoying of all. You’ve probably come across that landing page that immediately starts playing a video with nowhere to escape out of it. No “get me out of here I’m being scammed”  button, and  nowhere else to click on the page except the “Buy it now!” call to action button. Now here is a very good chance that this is one of those work from home scams and you are about to be from home scams Actually, theses videos contain no more than a lot of repetition of fake earning potentials and actors/actress’s giving fake interviews of how well they did with the program. When you come across pages like this, steer well clear, it’s a pretty good indicator that the product is a scam.

3. So How do I contact you?

Any program worth its salt should come with a good support strategy. So if you want more information about the product and are finding it difficult to access contact details, this smells of bad customer support.If you are going to be investing your money into something, you have every right to know that there is going to be someone there to help you if it goes wrong. The same goes for email contact. If it takes more than 24hrs to reply, this is an indication of bad customer support, and that can only mean they are not really considering your interests and are just seeing you as a money making venture.

4. Trust me I’m A Guru

Definition of Guru?  “An influential teacher or popular expert”, I always worry when I see a program being offered by someone proclaiming to be a Guru.a guru Why would someone have to upsell themselves to sell a perfectly good program? No, my take is that if they are upstaging themselves it is a smokescreen for a scammy product. Give it a wide berth.


5. And there’s more

This is the most annoying one. It’s really absurd that an offer of $19 to download a program that is going to make you $1000’s  overnight attracts people’s attention. But that is the reality. An offer for something at a really low price. That is until you subscribe and then you learn very quickly that the cheap price tag comes with another price tag to get to the next level and then another until your initial outlay of $19 becomes nearer to the region of $ from home scams These are Upsells a cunning way of enticing you in at a very low price and then making you add more to the program to actually get the full value of what you subscribed to in the first place.

6. It Must be Good, Look where those people are working.

You’ve seen them, those enticing pictures of people sitting on a beach with their laptops, soaking up the sun while they work, those large mansions with flash cars sitting outside. Mmm, well maybe is possible to run your business from the beach,work from home scams with an online business you place of work is your computer so as long as you have an internet connection, anywhere is possible. But to advertise a program with stacks of money or sun drenched beaches poses the question “why aren’t you seeing what the program consists of”. If you see a program that has to advertise with images like this, have second thoughts, it probably consists of a scam somewhere along the line. (May be 5% of these offers are true – people really have this location freedom )

7. 60-day guarantee? Yeah Right!

Many legitimate companies give a money back guarantee so that if the customer has a change of mind within the time frame given they are happy in the knowledge that the item can be returned, although having said that it is very wise to read and digest the T’s and C’s attached to the said from home scams

That said not all companies are that honest. They will use the money back guarantee as a selling point  to get you to sign up in the hope that you will forget to cancel the subscription when you decide you don’t want the item. Getting your money back is another story, they will put all the barricades in front of you with excuses as to why you have violated the Money back guarantee.  Is it really worth the hassle?

If you have ever been scammed you were probably left feeling stupid and angry. We’ve all had those experiences at some at some point in our online business ventures but you need to put those mistakes behind you and learn from from home scams

There are some really honest and reliable programs out there that will teach you how to earn money online, it’s just a case of sorting out the right from wrong and by following the tips I have laid out for you will go some way in helping you to be scam free.


So there you have it, my top tips on how to tell if a website is a scam! A philosophy I work by to avoid being scammed is always TRY BEFORE YOU BUY, free to use should be free to use so if they can’t give you a free trial of the program before you decide to subscribe then chances are you are about to be scammed.

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What did Mr Kroc?

When Ray Kroc started building the McDonald’s empire in 1956, he never thought of himself as being in the hamburger business.

And today..

What does the city of Hamburg has common with this franchise?

To him, it was not the hamburgers which were his product; it was the systems he created that would sell the hamburgers.

These systems (or what you might call the ‘business blueprint’) consisted of detailed procedures, duplicatable processes, and accompanying training that made running the McDonalds business as easy as possible.

That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success with a McDonalds franchise, but it does mean you have a much higher likelihood of succeeding than if you try to start a hamburger business yourself from scratch.

Today, if you want to buy a McDonalds you’re looking at an investment of close to $1 million or more, depending on where it’s located.

And so far, a lot of people have bought in.

Did you know there’s over 30,000 McDonalds outlets around the world today? (at close to $1 million each, you do the math on that)

Many are in America, but they’re also all over Asia, Europe, Australia…


In fact, the famous Golden arches logo is more recognized across the planet than the other ones!

When you think about it, McDonalds as a company are in the high-ticket sales business.

Each time they sell a unit, they’re bringing in close to 7 figures.

In the online marketing world, you can also be in the high-ticket sales business.

And you should be too.

It’s far easier to find a few high-paying customers to create an annual 6 figure per year income, than trying to sell dirt cheap products for $10 or less to the masses.

Personally, I’d rather make $10,000 from making one sale online, instead of trying to find 1,000 people who will pay $10 for an ebook for the same amount of money.

Now is it harder to get a $10,000 sale than a $10 sale?

Of course it is.

But is it 1,000 times harder?

Not even close.

As long as you have the right system and training in place, getting paid up to $10,000 on each deal you do is very doable.

And if you’d like to learn how, watch this short video.

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Online Millionaire Advice

There are 2 kinds of Mistakes in online business from home: personal and technical.

#1 Personal 

One of the most powerful secrets that millionaires know that
separates them from “normal” broke people is that the people who
are not rich focus on working for money.

Rich people focus on finding “systems” that make money for them
without having to work!

I had a mentor before tell me this very clearly … “if you are
trading your hours – or your life for money, then you got it all

Why get rich when you lose your life, time and YOURSELF in the

The trick is to not focus on worker harder but focus on working
smarter. Focus on finding the right systems that make money for
you – without any (or at least very very little) effort while
everyone else toils away!

If you are struggling in your online business - join me in home profit game plan

One of the most powerful secrets is to look for things that pay
out repeatedly over time – even if you exert effort ONCE.

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just fill in your name, age, etc and it’s all private.

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