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How To Ethically ‘Swipe’ What’s Working Right Now

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

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Read This Page To Discover How To Ethically ‘Swipe’ What’s Working Right Now And Use It To Build & Grow Your Own Internet Business To Get Fast Results!

FACT : There are over 24 million people are working from home right now. That’s a lot of people, and every year more people are leaving their jobs to live the dream of working from home.

If You Want To Succeed Online,
You Have 2 Options…

Option 1 : Risk the odds against you and attempt to come up with an unproven idea that will become a huge success.

Option 2 : Swipe what’s already making money and working for the top 1% of digital marketers & Entrepreneurs that’s proven to work – and do it too.

Are You Feeling Lost?

Do you suffer from the Law Of Distraction?

Do you feel like you’re lost in a maze of insanity, with endless twists and turns, always trying and often failing to build or grow your online business?

Are you spending hours tirelessly searching for “what’s working now”…

…And yet have no surefire way of knowing what that elusive thing actually is?

Are you wasting hours on Facebook and forums searching for ‘the answers’…

Where it seems like every single digital marketer has a completely different explanation…

And you still aren’t sure exactly sure what the questions are?

Are you blowing your money buying products from supposedly qualified experts, never really knowing who you can trust?

Do you feel like you’re on an endless journey to acquire all of the skills, knowledge and expertise required…

When all you really want to do is simply BUILD a profitable online business – to improve your life and the lives of your family?

You Need To Find Out Where Money Is Made Online

And Just Join In Too!

Steve Jobs always said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

What this famous quote means is that just about everything has already been done before, and anything we create is usually inspired by other things we’ve been exposed to.

However, the ‘steal’ part is simply saying that it’s easy to just copy and do the same thing, but to just claim it as your own (and add your own twist).

It’s important to understand that I’m not implying you should ever steal anything – and never was Steve Jobs. But Apple, Inc. went from being bankrupt to becoming the most valuable company in the world by this process.

The iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player.

The iPhone wasn’t the first smart phone.

The iPad wasn’t the first tablet.

The iMac wasn’t the first all-in-one computer.

Steve was really smart. He let others take major risks in validating whether people will buy a product or not. Then, once a demand for a product was ‘proven’, then he would “join in too” and sell his own version of it.

This is EXACTLY what YOU need to do if you want to shortcut your success online.

More Internet Entrepreneurs Are Failing Now Than Ever Before…

FACT : Making money online is now 10 times harder than it was just a few years ago, and it’s getting worse every minute.

FACT : Self-proclaimed experts are coming out of the woodwork claiming to teach you some new trick or tactic that hasn’t been tested or proven.

It’s like you’re being dropped in a foreign country and trying to get directions from another tourist who doesn’t know where the heck he is either.

Chris Luck, digital marketers says:

Let “Others” Take All The Risks To Figure Out What’s Working…You just “swipe” it

What do I suggest?

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You need plenty of high quality products to sell on the front end AND the back end of your business… that is, you need more products to sell to your customers after they buy that first product from you.

Of course, you could spend the time and money to create all of these products yourself.  Or, you could spend the time (a lot of time, actually) and money to find quality products that have resell rights that you can turn around and sell to your current customers.

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What’s the #1 most important thing for your website?

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Wtf? Too good to be true, right? Not so fast.

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How SumoMe app and Discover plugin work?

You earn credits whenever someone sees or clicks on your “Discover” recommendations.

The more credits you get, the more YOUR site is featured on 150,000+ other sites using SumoMe.

Other SumoMe sites promote your content on their sites, and you promote new content for your visitors on your site. Everybody wins.

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Attraction Marketing

There are only THREE possible ways that I can think off (after attending different online meetings, for example: MLSP – MLM Leads System Pro ), to bring new people into your business…

  • Number One: Approach your Warm Market

  • Number Two: Approach your Cold Market

  • Number THREE: Generate Leads (which are basically people approaching you).

Another important moments:

  1. How to generate traffic profitably?

  2. How to generate high-targeted quality leads?

These are two critical opinions:

  • “I’ve been a struggling entrepreneur for a couple of decades now and have recently identified one of my main reasons for consistent failure. I was continuously “Chasing” people who were not “Qualified”. In other words, I was approaching people who were not particularly interested in what I had to offer.”
  • If you’re not waking up to at least 10 fresh, targeted and qualified leads in your inbox every single morning, you NEED to get in touch with people who know how to do it. The future of your business depends on it.



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