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Almost everyone who is making money online has gone through months (or even years) of trial and error…

They’ve also spent thousands of dollars to test out the correct ways to make money online.

But ask yourself – do you REALLY want to go through of all these pain, expenses and frustrations?

If I had this opportunity when I first got started, I would definitely be making more passive income.

 Affiliate marketing today is not just grab link and promote it.

With this shortcut, you get to clone an internet millionaire’s entire internet business.

See what you’ll got inside to be effective in this business: click here >>> or image above.

There are  6 CRITICAL COMPONENTS To Online Business Success….

1. Research, find and get the right mentor.


Just like learning how to drive a car, a driving instructor is needed to ensure the student is on the right track. It’s the same for starting, running and growing a profitable online business.

“The fastest way to become successful in any business endeavor is to follow the lead of those leaders already achieving the results you desire.” (Top Earners say)

2. Create or leverage the right modern marketing system.

marketing system

Most people are left in the dark ages with low converting websites, funnels that don’t convert, and subscribers that simply just don’t buy.

Creating a system where there is a high converting option-page, a high converting sales page, an effective followup, and a system that utilises webinars, automated marketing systems, direct mail and live events is something that every entrepreneur should have in their marketing arsenal.

The acronym S.Y.S.T.E.M stands for “saving yourself time, energy, and money”

3. Join the right community, support network and mastermind.


When people are getting started online, and they realize it’s real and possible to grow a profitable internet business to earn passive income and build an automated online business, their excitement often leads them to tell others about it.

Unfortunately, others do not always support or believe in them. They don’t believe it’s even possible.


A community, support network or a closed-group mastermind is the glue that provides support and empowers those that are part of the family. Join the Inner Circle.

4. Leverage time, resources, systems, and people.

leverage time

Time is the only constraint in life, the only thing no one else can buy more of, so learning and mastering leverage is what will help people find a shortcut to their end goals.

I’ve taken “Leverage” to another level by team members and new clients with ‘done for you’ turn-key  websites and ready-made ‘plug & play’ traffic sources to help members succeed faster.

5. Buying traffic is one of the most profitable things an entrepreneurs can do to grow their online business fast.


First, it’s important to develop or leverage a high converting sales funnel to maximise the paid traffic. It’s vital to have a high converting sales machine that helps and guides anyone to build an income fast by leveraging a powerful community, proven mentor, with a time tested system with in-demand products that do all the selling.

By starting with a strong optimized sales funnel new members do not have to learn how to sell personally and go through a long learning curve. This enables new marketers to hit the ground running and therefore increase their self belief that this internet marketing stuff truly works. 

By understanding that the concept of “Paid Traffic” is essential to one’s success they can skip years of frustration and learning free methods of traffic that don’t even always work and are not scale-able.

online_trafficWhen someone can buy traffic and convert it profitably, that is when they have a solid and profitable online business. The THREE critical components here are: 1) getting targeted traffic and 2) a high converting product and funnel and 3) you need to know how to BUY TRAFFIC PROFITABLY.


6. Tools.


Can You Imagine What It Takes To Create One Of These Well-Oiled Sales Machines? 

It’s easily hundreds – usually thousands – of man-hours.

In fact, if you knew exactly what you were doing, and had all the skills to create a high-quality sales funnel, I’m betting it’d still take you between 3 and 6 months of “full time” work to get it all done…

And that’s assuming you didn’t “burn out” in the process. Of course, there are very few people in the world who have even half of those skills at their disposal, let alone all of them…

Which means you’ve got to outsource it…

I know I tried. It took me months and a lot of money to figure out how to get the project completed (and still working on it).

I don’t want to spend 2 years and re-invent the wheel!!. You cannot buy the time.


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