The 10$/Day Traffic Plan

Cold traffic to a blog post

Facebook Ad Platform – Facebook has about 1.3 billions users from different walks of life.

These are the main parameters of campaign when you send clicks to a blog post, clicks to website.

What is the ratio?

6/3/1 = $10 dollars budget a day (the same ratio for $100 budget)

Traffic temperature

$6 = cold traffic

$3 = warm traffic

$1 = hot traffic

There are 3 phases in your traffic campaign and it depends on traffic temperature.

  • Awareness (who are you, your brand, what you can suggest, customers have to realize that they might have some kinds of problems and you have the solutions)
  • Evaluation (why your offer is better, competition)
  • Conversion (convert leads to buyers)

phase 2

yuri grin

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