Don’t quit your game plan as Bob Dylan did

And he didn’t quit…
The other day I heard that when Bob Dylan had a band called the Golden Chords,
and he lost a high-school talent competition to a tap dancing act.

Imagine that, here’s this American singer, songwriter, artist, and writer

who’s been hugely influential in popular music and culture for more than
five decades — but when he was just getting started, he lost out to a tap dancing act.
 Of course, that was before he was the Bob Dylan.

Still, it goes to show what’s possible when you pursue a goal with

consistency and don’t quit.

Internet marketing is like that too.

The people making out the best are always the ones who are consistent in their marketing methods and hang in there no matter what.

1) You pursue your goal. (don’t forget what it is)
2) You have plan and strategies. (update them)
3) You are consistent in this process.
4) You stand out. (as this apple)
5) You are persistent. (sometimes stubborn)
6) You’ve changed your mindset.

7) Step out of your comfort zone (at least once a day)
8) Don’t listen losers and tire-kickers
9) Every day one step to the goal. (small or big step)
10) Contact one person and/or get one new idea (at least once in a week)
11) You have your mentor (or more than one and deal with them)
12) Search for win-win situations.


Part of not quitting, of course, is staying current with

what’s happening in the marketplace.
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We start from different positions, chances are not equal to us. But …

“We all have 24-hours days” (Zig Ziglar)

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