Download leads

Please note: Do NOT try to upload these leads into autoresponder services like Aweber or GetResponse. I was banned from Aweber because some told them that I said to upload these leads to Aweber.

The files are in a .csv format. If you want to use MicroSoft Excel or which is free. Open the program first then select the file you want to use you will then see import dialog.

Now What Do You Do With All The Leads?

Check this one below the post, you need to send them out with the Mailer. It’s safe to use (read their service policy).

You bought lists, now you have to build the List of prospects out of this contacts

and finally have customers (it can be 5% only).




  1. Download leads for 4 weeks October 2016      click here –>>>
  2. Download leads for 1 week November 2016    click here –>>>
  3. Download leads for 2 week November 2016    click here –>>>
  4. Download leads for 3 week November 2016    click here –>>>
  5. Download leads for 1 week December 2016     click here –>>>
  6. Download leads for 2 week December 2016    click here –>>>
  7. Download leads for 3 week December 2016    click here –>>>
  8. Download leads for 1 week January 2017         click here –>>>
  9. Download leads for 2 week January 2017         click here –>>>
  10. Download leads for 3 week January 2017         click here –>>>
  11. Download leads for 1 week February 2017       click here –>>>
  12. Download leads for 2 week February 2017       click here –>>>
  13. Download leads for 3 week February 2017       click here –>>>
  14. Download leads for 1 week March 2017             click here –>>>
  15. Download leads for 2 week March 2017             click here –>>>
  16. Download leads for 3 week March 2017             click here –>>>
  17. Download leads for 4 week March 2017             click here –>>>
  18. Download leads for 1 week April 2017                click here –>>>

Note: Leads are in .zip files with file names: “1Jan17” – that means – 1st week of January 2017

Download these lead into jMailerPro and send 5,000-10,000 a day to build your list.

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