Fishing for your profit game plan

How to “lure” in whale-like commissions…

I found that when many people growing their online business have problems in getting steady sales, it’s often because they’re casting too wide of a net.

They’re trying to hook too many clients instead of narrowing down to the more specific market.

Think of it this way…

You go fishing, and you have your tools.

Your Rod and Reel.

Then you find a spot where you know the fish are biting. So, you thread the line with a hook and then cast it out into the water.

Will you catch any fish? Maybe, but it’s not likely! Why?

There’s still a next step.

You’ve got to consider which fish you want to catch, and if that type of fish is in those waters. If not, you go to where they’re at.

Next, you put on the hook the best bait that the fish are *currently* biting on.

Could be worms, minnows, crickets, chicken livers, you know, all that sexy stuff…

Same thing in business…

You can’t just throw a generic hook out in the waters and expect to attract any buyers.

You have to find out what waters these buyers are in, and then appeal to them, attract them by offering better looking more alluring bait then the other guy.

Do that, and you’re golden.

And that’s what MTTB provides you with:
fishing commissions with MTTB and home profit game plan

You get to use “What’s Working Now” to attract your ideal customers and buyers.

And better yet, they’ll even reel in the big fish for you…
And by big fish, I mean Big, Whale-Like Commissions from $1k, $3k, $5k and up…

Why make “minnow-like” commissions when you can get big commissions with the exact same effort?

Crazy Awesome.

Watch the $1k, $3k, $5k, Presentation Here:

Happy fishin’

Home profit Game Plan for small households to get income online in 2016

(*** by team member Ankur Agarwall)

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