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I would like to share with you effective tool for Twitter, apply it  – ManageFlliter

You can quickly sort, search, analyze and power post within 80 millions BIO’s,

Find out how many people in your area use Twitter and follow who is relevant to you.

“ManageFlitter is the best Twitter management software around and it has been invaluable for us. It’s like a Swiss army knife for Twitter and it keeps getting better.” (Lain McDonald)

on Tweeter (especially if you set yourself PRO account)

The number of people using Twitter has increased by more than 50 millions in the past year. 270 millions monthly active users.

100 millions daily users.

How to build, grow, engage your Twitter audience?

Grow your Business on Twitter
  • Find relevant people to connect with, with our amazing set of engagement tools.
  • Manage Multiple Accounts – Sort, filter and manage who you follow on all your Twitter accounts with ease.
  • Use Awesome Analytics – Track yourself with graphs you can get excited about!
  • PowerPost – Never worry about time zones again! Easily schedule tweets at optimal times.

Why to use ManageFlitter on Twitter?

ManageFlitter provides you with a set of easy to use tools to empower you to work smarter and faster with Twitter .

  • Sort your followers/following lists by a range of criteria
  • Find new people to follow with our comprehensive search facility
  • Find out when most of your followers are online and schedule tweets appropriately with our PowerPost feature
  • Answer “Who unfollowed me on Twitter”?
  • Track who unfollowed you
  • Easily manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Track keyword mentions on Twitter with our Analytics feature (coming soon)
  • And much more!

“The different lists of active vs. inactive tweeters, people not following back, etc. are REALLY helpful. I can see this being a great tool for my clients as well.”

How to build a Huge Targeted Community in less Than 15 Min a Day!


Here’s just one tool and product (see more in the coming post about mastering Twitter traffic and link to awesome video training) –

“Overall, ManageFlitter is by far the best service to grow your followers, optimize engagement with the ones you follow, and recognize those who are most influential.” (Patrick O’Brien)

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