If you don’t know how to make money on internet

In my opinion you have to go directly to easiest way…

Revenue Sharing Advertising Companies

Do you know any reliable companies?


The points I consider essential before putting any money into this (or any) venture:
1. Located somewhere other than in the United States – to avoid undue rules and red tape.
2. Payments to join or purchase made DIRECT to the company. (No intermediate payment processors.)
3. Also be able to get my money out directly. Ideal – a Debit card furnished directly from the company for easy purchase transactions/quick cash.
4. It is legally and financially secure and you can tell WHERE it is.
5. The Website should be Fast, Work Flawlessly, with No Down-times or Time-outs.
6. It should be an established business.
7. It works world-wide, and it works perfectly on Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet.
8. The business should be a sound structure.
9. Even though the business should not be in the U.S., we do not want U.S. citizens to be excluded (or stranded). (like with TrafficMonsoon or Map)
PS: – 10) How quickly customer service answer you calls or emails.
11) Do they allow multiple accounts on the same IP Address?
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Moses and the Israelites stumbled around in the Sinai desert for 40 years before they found the Promise Land “flowing with milk and honey”. (example was made by James Sloan)
We have not been looking for the Promised Land (on the internet) nearly that long. However when programs or payment processors (even governments) fail us, it sometimes seems that long.
Just like Robinson Crusoe, we are definitely ready for our rescue.
I hope this company is like rescue ship:
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Time effects if you procrastinete to start your own home profit game plan

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