Is My Online Business Education (MOBE) A Scam?

It’s important to clarify from the start!


If you do your research thoroughly you will find a few articles detailing My Online Business Education as a scam, a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme. Probably one of the most popular is an article from waystoavoidscamsonline dot com (I won’t link, but you can easily find it through a Google search) which labels:

“My Online Business Empire as an obvious scam”

His main argument is “you are not learning how to build a business in a niche that you are interested in, you are not going to be shown how to effectively promote your local business, you are told to BUY MORE stuff and then taught how to sell other people into the My Online Business Education system.”

This is of course completely false. The training you get inside of My Online Business Education teaches you everything from basic internet marketing principles to advanced topics like traffic generation and conversions which can be used to market ANYTHING.

Yes you are encouraged to further your education as you go through 21-steps of My Top Tier Business, but how else would such a system work?

Just like a University you are charged every time you want to further your education. You don’t just pay a one-time fee and then get all your books, and courses for your doctorate.

And YES you are taught also how to sell MOBE if you CHOOSE (choose is the key word there) to become an affiliate. You don’t have to, many people join MOBE simply for the networking which takes place at its live events which are filled with 6, 7 and 8 figure earners.

The article later goes on to discern because you are given access to a large library of products it makes it a scam because you are “FORCED” to buy them… yeah ok… just like I’m forcing you to read this article right now. It also accuses Matt Lloyd for not being responsive to the beck and whim of everyone who has purchased from him.

Ahhh yes, let me give Bill Gates a ring because my PC is running slow. Oh… wait… I can’t speak to Bill Gates? SCAM!!

The irony of this all is then the article goes on to recommend another business opportunity which he is an affiliate for… oh boy.

I could sit here all day dismantling various articles calling My Online Business Empire a scam but at the end of the day it’s an affiliate from another company wanting you to join their magical system over their competitors or someone who joined hoping to get rich quick.

Most people get into entrepreneurship and home business hoping to make a quick buck, then once they buy into the program they just don’t do anything with it… they expect it to produce results on it’s own. And then when it doesn’t they blame the tooth ferry, Santa Clause… everyone but themselves.

So is My Online Business Education a scam?

I will let you be the judge of that.

Of all the business opportunities out there My Online Business Education (MOBE) would rank near the top (if not at the top). Most online business opportunities plug you into a messy library of training with NO support besides your sponsor who most of the time is MIA, there is absolutely NO STRUCTURE to the training and you need to learn the art of selling yourself and put up with measly commissions because you can’t close high ticket sales.

My Online Business Education solves all of these problems by essentially becoming the official online marketing university. Training is in both written and video form in which you must connect with your coach before moving on.

As you progress through My Online Business Education and purchase the higher level courses, the coaching also improves as well. You go from speaking with 6-figure MTTB coaches to coaches who earn 7 – 8 figures and actually consult with you on building a business plan, traffic generation and everything in between.

This does WONDERS for retention rate and more importantly YOUR SUCCESS. This doesn’t even include the coaching and mentorship you will get from your MOBE sponsor (if you chose a good one that is).

Does My Online Business Education (MOBE) cost more than most business opportunities? You bet! Let’s not beat around the bush here…

Does a Ferrari cost more than a Honda Civic?

Of course!

You are paying for a higher calibre of service and of course a higher calibre result.

Don’t think you need to have pillows stuffed with $1000 bills to be able to take full advantage of My Online Business Education though. My Online Business Education (MOBE) has a variety of financing plans available for their higher ticket offers which allow you to pay monthly versus all in one lump sum.

Now straight to the point?

So why should you work with me over the thousands of other MOBE affiliates?

I will show you the shortcut to 6 figures income…

take action

yuri grin

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