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I have tried lots of companies and systems but I failed for 1 year and then after I discovered a system that was helping ordinary like you and me to make money every 20 minutes.

Why I joined that system? That’s because of other systems. I was working with a network marketing company and I was making breakthrough with that company but the real problem was that my down line and team members were unable to make money. That’s why 95% of people fail to make money online.

First when they get started, they think it’s easy to make millions. But all it comes to get traffic to your website or product. So, I started searching for a system that can allow my down line and team members to make money. And I found this company called:

My advertising pays.


My Advertising Pays, We call it MAPs for short. And I will use this term below several times. MAPs is an online advertising company that sell traffic to big companies. It’s like a small Google. But Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube. These big sites are making billions each year. But they don’t share any revenue to their users.  Everybody makes money with MAP.

You spend 10 min a day and earn $40-60 bucks (commissions are growing) in next 24 hour – literally speaking – while you sleep.

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