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If you’ve been looking for a home-based business for any length of time, you’ve surely stumbled on to a few “network marketing” opportunities… and maybe some that are borderline “pyramid scams”.


 In a network marketing opportunity, you’re expected to “take out a pen and piece of paper and write down as many names of friends and family as you can think of”.

Then you’re supposed to email them, call them, pitch them, and annoy them to try to get them to sign up.

Building your “downline” is what they call it. And without a massive downline… who go out and build their own downline, it’s almost impossible to make real money.

You’re always pitching, you’re always hustling, you’re always selling, you’re always working the system.

And eventually your friends and family get sick of it.

And you get sick of it. Especially if you don’t consider yourself a salesperson.

It gets old fast.

Then there’s the “pyramid” schemes. Pyramids are like network marketing but they don’t really sell anything of substance.

It’s like network marketing without any real products. Oh, sure they say they have products, but when you look closely, the products are really just training programs and guides that teach you how to get more people to join the system.

The “products” have no use outside their very specific system.

They are vapor.

So, when you’re looking for a home-based business steer clear of both of these!

They simply don’t work. Or they work for a while but then stall out.

Believe me, I’ve tried them. And I know friends and fellow entrepreneurs who have paid their dues in the network marketing world… and we’ve all vowed “never again.”

  • Look for a home-based business that does not require you to hassle your friends and family.
  • Look for a home-based business that does not require you to pitch and hustle and sell.
  • Look for a home-based business with high-quality products that have value outside the “system”.

MOBE meets all those criteria and answers all the questions you should ask before starting an online business.

And best of all, you can get started for $49!

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P.S.: In many ways MOBE is a great “introverts” business. If you never want to talk to ANYONE, just hide behind your monitor, you can certainly do that with MOBE. And if you’re an extrovert, that’s fine too. You choose your level of customer interaction…even if it’s “none whatsoever!”

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