Personal story: Raging Fool

Here’s one personal story:

“When I first started online, all of my friends and family called me crazy.

A “RAGING FOOL” in fact.

Those were the two words they labelled me as.
I admit, I can’t blame them.

Especially in an industry where 97% of the people that
get started, fail.


It was a little crazy…

You have to be a little crazy to be successful in business.
That’s what some of the most successful people in the world
say anyway.

Looking back on it now, it was actually a driving force that
fueled my success. Maybe I wanted to prove them  all wrong.
Who knows.

But against all odds, I decided to throw my hat over the wall
and go for it anyway.

I knew deep inside that I was worth more and I wasn’t going to
settle for a life of mediocrity.

So I got myself a mentor, someone that was already having the
success I wanted.. And copied the exact blueprint they used.
I purchased an automated sales funnel that would work for me
while I was sleeping…And I dug myself deep into training.

Within a week, I started getting commission notifications while
swimming in the pool, while relaxing  at the beach and while having dinner
with friends…

But here is where it gets better. One night a group of us were
sitting having dinner at this restaurant… Everyone started telling people
what they did for work one at a time.
Some people were accountants. Others were realtors. There were
two mortgage brokers and one guy sold insurance. And then it came around to me.
Peter what do you do?I said I’m a RAGING FOOL
Everyone laughed. Then I said…

I show people how to work 2 days a week and get paid for 7.

The table went silent. They all looked at each other.
Keep in mind these were all “9-5-ers” that spend 2 hours stuck
in traffic every day.Right then…at the perfect time… My phone went off with the sound it
makes when I make a commission. What’s even better was that
it was a commission notification for $3000. I opened up my email and passed
my phone around the table and said:

“Yep….that’s me”


Since then a few of them have reached out by social media

and email and said…  “Hey Peter, can you teach me what
you do online?”So I wanted to give you the opportunity to see exactly what
personally transformed my life and helped me rapidly reach
FREEDOM.” (by Peter Barry)
If you finally want to prove everyone wrong and live your ideal lifestyle
of freedom then click here right now to see exactly what transformed the
life of mine and countless others.”
I’m ready to see you win and look forward to hearing your success
story next.

yuri grin

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