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Do you use one of the easiest and yet safe way to earn money online?

So called Rev Share.

One of the most successful examples is MAP

My Advertising Pays (MAP)

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You earn money every 20-30 min when you buy traffic and advertising packs to your website (up to 60-70% in profit per year). If you promote the company you have real business.

This is not an investment or deposit.

This is the main point of the post. Not so easy for customers in USA to make money with the companies located in USA.

Traffic Monsoon is the example today.

When you work from home you are the boss … and the janitor and all the other departments, and that means you can’t sluff off anything that comes to you; you must find solutions. And a recent challenge is the growing tendency to exclude US citizens from some programs. (let see what marketer James Sloan recommends)
ISOLATED U.S.: In recent years our government has adopted the policy that all money made by anyone from the US belongs to the government no matter where it was made. Thus we see the opening of an IRS office in Switzerland and Swiss banks disallowing accounts for US citizens, even those living there and/or married to Swiss citizens.
This invasive trend is spreading into other financial sectors as other banking relating entities hesitate to deal in the US for fear of the IRS and other alphabet agencies showing up.
For example, today I was reviewing some programs and, when looking at the enrollment requirements saw this:
Program 1:
You cannot register for an account from the United States at this time.
Program 2:
You can continue to register here but please note if you live in the USA your account will be terminated.
Program 3:
We do not accept registration from US citizens.
On the recent SEC ‘investigation of Traffic Monsoon. One member emailed asking, “How long do you think this investigation will go on.”My answer was the SEC employees will continue to be paid until retirement whether they accomplish anything or not …. And that brought this question:
WILL IT BE IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE A HOME BUSINESS IN THE U.S. ANYMORE? The answer is an emphatic NO … with qualifications:
1. We believe any program that pays through a processor based in another country will find it hard to survive.
2. PayPal will continue to be a viable processor but only if you do modest amounts of transactions. For some reason, when a program shows real success PayPal immediately suspends it. And then, like TM, when PayPal starts to release funds the SEC ‘coincidentally’ begins an investigation. It’s enough to make you paranoid.
All of this is why you will notice that the ONLY revenue sharing programs on my list are located outside of the United States! (one more example – see the banner)

Furthermore, as stated above, I have been diligently researching other potential programs. In days gone by, I have rather casually noted where the site was located. With the recent developments, location has become the FIRST priority.
As the old idiom about real estate goes: The three most important considerations when thinking of purchasing real estate are location, location, and location!
If a revenue sharing program is within the United States, I will NOT be putting my money at risk. I suggest you think in a similar manner.
Of the two most significant programs (BIG ones) that I am about to announce, one is in a financially stable country in Europe. The other is ‘de-centralized’ – they have there servers located in various countries around the world. Which means – an attack on any one of the locations will NOT put them out of business.
“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown.” Ross Perot
“Quitters never win and winners never quit!!!” Vince Lombardi
Let’s figure out a way to win this game – no matter what obstacles we encounter – whether from government restrictions, banking or processor rules, or even our family pessimists.
As you improve yourself, the world around you will be improving as well.

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