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You see, there is a fundamental flaw with Internet Marketing that stops serious, honest people from getting conversions. Yes, now many marketers and entrepreneurs say “traffic is easy, the main problem is conversion…”

Everyone is told to promote the same sales funnel! Every home business and affiliate program is filled with lots of ‘just buy solo ads to your affiliate link’ or what is can be called ‘fluff’, because all the gurus are quietly getting rich doing the polar opposite!

The FACT is, the only people who succeed with Internet Marketing are the people with their own custom branded, high converting sales funnels.

It’s why the average “done for you” info product business looks like this…

average infobusiness

I’m sure by now you’ve started to realize… the secret lies in the sales funnel. You’ve also probably noticed every top marketers uses their own Squeeze pages, sales letters, products, email sequences and more.

All while they tell you to send traffic to a duplicated marketing system, funny isn’t it? The fact is, NOBODY got rich sending traffic to a sales page!

This is old-fashioned average affiliate marketing model !

sales funnel

You need your own funnel, products, offers, pages and sequences.
That’s owning your own business.
That’s putting the control in your hands.
When you have those things built, it’s just a case of trying different traffic sources, and tweaking a few things until you get it right.
But be warned, it takes a lot of damn energy to learn all of this, and even more to implement it.That’s why I promised myself if I went through the 5+ year grind of figuring this thing out, I would create ‘a shortcut’ for others.
That shortcut is finally here, and it’s called done for you sales funnels and right business model, coaching…

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Here’s an explanation where and how you can start.

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