Shaqir Hussyin crossed one million line in MOBE

What model of an online home-based business does he use?
“For years I searched for an “Hands Free High Ticket” system, that would automatically sell products for me without ever having to pick up the phone! This is it. I’m so excited by this

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PS. Does this talk to you…
You are a student who was misguided by typical “marketing education” and found yourself in the customer-cycle of opportunity-buying over and over again

…You are a hopeful who wished for a road map to success and was never given all the pieces to connect together and was left in the dark…

…You, if you are a technophobe who clawed the internet looking with jealousy at other marketers who had cooler website widgets

…you, if you blamed yourself when your replicated website did NOT 
convert like the testimonials said they would…

…you, if you who felt helpless for not being able to master a needed
they couldn’t afford to hire out…

…you, begged yourself for confidence to start an online business alone then bought into infinitely more difficult “money making systems” instead…

…if you were a confused member of multiple programs who didn’t know which program he should focus on selling

…you became sleep-deprived, misunderstood entrepreneur whose spouse is disappointed with for spending their life-savings on a business-venture that’s going nowhere…

…you looked a fool while imitating others who pumped out creative writing and selling ideas, starving for cheaper, easier, and more targeted website traffic while it moves always just beyond your grasp …

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