Sherpa, Yoda, Gandalf, why you need one…for your home profit game plan

Every year many people attempt to climb the awe inspiring Mount Everest.

Some ascend to the top…
Some don’t make it…
And some die…

If you’re wise, you’ll make sure you have a guide to mentor and help you safely make the climb.

And that’s why so many people choose Sherpas.

They’re a local people that are widely known as elite mountaineers and experts in their local terrain.

They’re known as legen…wait for it…dary in the climbing community for their hardiness, expertise and experience at very high altitudes…

Now if you were to decide to climb Everest, would you hire a Sherpa?…

Or…Would you go out and hire a guy that’s good at walking long distances in the flat, arid desert?…

You’d definitely match the coach with the job right?

If you’re climbing high mountains, then you’d find someone who was born in the mountains. Someone who knows them inside out. Someone who’s genes have been proven to be different BECAUSE of the high altitude they were born in.

If you wanted to walk the desert, then sure, that other guy would be your best bet.

Either way, a coach that’s “been there and done that” will be invaluable along your journey.

Same thing in business applies…

There are a lot of coaches out there.  Yet, not just “ANY” coach will work for you.


As you know, MTTB, the system I promote and work with focuses on revealing to you how-to, and gives you the tools and systems to profit from …

High Ticket Commissions.

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Not just any coach can teach you how to do this. It’s a rare system and opportunity unlike any other. And… these coaches are at the top of this game.
They’re like your own Online Sherpa, guiding you and leading you to ..

Top Tier Commissions.

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The next step is to simply decide to climb. The coaches will then help you the rest of the way.

A cool side effect is not only will these same coaches be your partners, making big sales
FOR YOU… But like many of the current partners, they’ll
become your friends too.

And to me that’s pretty cool, considering a lot of  the stuff you see and deal with online. :=)

If you want to dabble in small commissions, then you can find a jillion people to teach you how to do that.

If you’re serious about online business however and want to make money like the big boys, then check out MTTB and take advantage of the coach they provide for you asap.


To the climb.

PS: Down load your home profit game plan for online business (see the image on the top of the right side)

Here’s one sample of the success stories ;

45 minutes per day success story about home profit game plan

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