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Online training with Vick Strizheus

Vick Strizheus: Who Is He?

Vick Strizheus is a familiar name in the online marketing community. He’s responsible for online marketing programs like “The Big Idea Mastermind” and “The High Traffic Academy.”

These two programs – and others – are designed to teach people how to make a lot of money on the internet.

Also known as Vitaly Strizheus, Vick is originally from Ukraine, although he has lived in America for the past two decades. He calls himself the “king of online traffic” and currently lives in South Dakota with his wife and four kids.

Despite being only 28 years old, Vick has achieved considerable success online. After many failed business ventures early in his career, he’s now been able to earn complete financial freedom, taking pricey vacations in the Caribbean and buying luxurious condos in Florida.

How does Vick make all his money online? Should you sign up for his training programs and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of? Here’s what you need to know about online traffic expert Vick Strizheus.

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How Did Vick Strizheus Get His Start?

Vick Strizheus explains his life story on his official website. He says he got married at the age of 20 to the most beautiful woman in the world, only to realize that he wasn’t able to provide her with the lifestyle she deserved.

Vick set out to learn how to make money online. He started his online marketing venture in 2005 and “failed miserably for the first year.” He actually didn’t have any startup capital, so he decided to borrow $30,000 to get started.

Unfortunately, he spent $20,000 of that borrowed money on advertisements which “promised the moon” but did not generate a single dollar of income. After realizing what he was doing wasn’t working, Vick took a different approach.

Vick hired a mentor. He paid $500 per hour to learn from that mentor and says it was worth every penny. Within just 90 days of meeting with that mentor, Vick’s income grow to $20,000 per month. Before long, Vick claims he was making 7 figures per year.

So Who Exactly Is Vick Strizheus?

Ultimately, Vick Strizheus is a Ukrainian-born father of six living in South Dakota with his wife. Normally, that wouldn’t make anyone famous online.

But Vick Strizheus is famous online due to his success in several major online marketing ventures, including High Traffic Academy, Big Idea Mastermind, and the Empower Network.

Today, he works as a leader within the industry, guiding other people on how to achieve success on the internet. He is one of the internet’s most influential minds when it comes to traffic generation and product launches.

A lot of that wisdom is available on Vick’s official website for free. Sure, you can pay Vick $5,000 per hour for one-on-one coaching, but I strongly recommend reading the materials Vick Strizheus has posted online first before you dive into the deep end.

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