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Mindset Quiz

Are You an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

Your mindset is everything!

Your mindset lets you (and others) know whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur.
So which best describes you? 

Employee Mindset:

[+] Wants certainty and a guaranteed income.
[+] Wants the path and answers up front!
[+] Wants to do everything “right” and “perfect”.
[+] Sees obstacles as problems.
[+] Fearful of things they know nothing about.

Entrepreneur Mindset:

 [+] Willingness to create something from scratch, money comes later. Instead of guaranteed income they prefer leveraged income from investments or others working for them.
[+] Jumps on opportunity regardless of knowing the “path to get there”
As Richard Branson loves to say “Screw it.. Just do it.”
[+] Would rather say YES to opportunity and fall flat on their face, than say NO and regret it later.
[+] Sees solutions to obstacles as new opportunities!
[+] The fear of regret trumps the fear of taking immediate and massive action!
So if you want to become a true entrepreneur stop waiting for all the answers.. upgrade now and worry later.
jump out
If you are office worker: “escape a cubicle”
We need action takers… tire kickers don’t build great businesses or leave legacy’s!! Tire kickers keep their jobs.. action takers are true entrepreneurs!!
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Positioning is 4th piece in a puzzle

Positioning is 4th piece in a puzzle of internet marketing.

How to Position Yourself As An Expert in Your Niche Fast?

There is a difference between being an expert and being positioned as an expert…

But first of all – Why you need to be seen as an expert in your niche and how to achieve it?

Here’s why –

Probably there are hundreds if not thousands of people just like you who want to coach or sell to people in your niche. But there are probably 3-5 actual, genuine experts who are positioned as experts online.

So…who would YOU buy from if you were wanting to learn in your niche?

One of thousands of people who are just “selling information” or one of the 3-5 experts?

You would buy from the expert, right?

So…this begs the question…if you are NOT positioned as an expert in your niche…why should ANYONE buy from you?

That’s right…no one should. And they won’t.

The truth of the matter is, unless you position yourself as an expert in your niche….you will probably fail online. (by Paul Dunstan)

Sorry, I know that’s harsh…but it’s the truth.

BECOMING an expert it’s essential for own home business – more details >>>

Here’s how:

Instead of studying marketing (what good is knowing how to get people to your site if when they get there they don’t buy because you aren’t an expert anyhow, it’s a waste of your time until you are positioned as an expert)...study your niche.

When I understood that I need online business – work from – home and finally develop my own –

Home Profit GamePlan, that…

will change my financial situation, I started from promoting someone’s else products. (1 – traffic) piece of puzzle. (see the picture). Then I understood that this internet marketing model is not profitable (piece 3 – see picture). I found franchise model with MTTB. (number 3 – conversion). After that I realized that I am not building my list (number 2 – branded done-for me sales funnel).

What that means? Stream of traffic won’t go to the funnel unless people know that you are an expert in your niche…That’s true for any multiple streams of income.


Expert or authority in your marketing niche.

This post explains that without 4th piece of this puzzle (4 – expert or authority in your niche) – you 95% will fail. I could add that to reach this you need: mentor and right mindset (I explained this here >>>).

Successful internet entrepreneur, from my opinion, has all 4 elements in place.

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