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Bing Your Ads PPC Training for conversion and clicks


Learn How to Get Unlimited 0.05 Cent Clicks With The Best PPC Training Program Online.

My name is Kody Karppinen and I have been getting hundreds of .05 cent clicks everyday using Bing Ads PPC. Throughout my time advertising on Bing Ads, I have gotten over 65,000 five cent clicks. I have come up with dozens of unique strategies that give me a great advantage over my competition. AND now, I want to pass along my knowledge with you!

When people start out using pay-per-click programs, they often end up paying around $1.00 per click. That is why most people fail when they first start using pay-per-click advertising. With my training course you can turn that $1.00 into 20 clicks, $5.00 into 100 clicks, and $10 into 200 clicks to your affiliate link or landing page.

This Training Course Will Allow You to Scale Your Business to Unbelievable Heights

I have been using Bing Ads PPC for a few years now and have made a lot of money doing so. Whether I am direct linking to an affiliate offer or sending leads to a landing page, I tend to get an average Return on Investment (ROI) of 800-900 percent. One of the main reason I have gotten a great ROI is because my average CPC is .05 Cents. And when you can get 100 leads a day while only paying $5.00, your odds of being successful skyrocket.

Here is a little taste of what is included in this Bing Ads Training Course:

  • Finding a Coupon Code
  • How to Create Your 1st Successful Campaign
  • How to Set Your Bids Correctly for .05 Cent Clicks
  • Create Ads That Captures Visitors Attention
  • How to Increase Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • How to Get Unlimited .05 Cent Clicks
  • Easily Create Thousands of “Buying” Related Keywords
  • How to Import Thousands of Keywords Into Your Campaign
  • Which Landing Page Creator is the Best
  • How to Track Your Conversions For FREE
  • How to Create Thousands of “Sign Up For” Keywords
  • How to Use Bing’s Search Bar to Find Targeted Phrases
  • How to Use Google Sheets & Excel
  • Access to a Members Only Facebook Group
  • Access to Future Training Videos at NO Extra Cost

Title of this book is Limitless and it can radically change your approach to home business and home profit

The single most important number in this business.

Time for a quiz:

What is the most important metric in Internet Marketing?

Do you know?

Most, have no idea.

It’s not cost per lead… or opt-in rate… or click through rate… or anything like that.

It’s Earnings Per Click (or EPC for short).

Your websites EPC is pretty much the most important number you need to know in internet marketing.

Most people in our industry have no clue what it means… click here >>>…

Here’s how it works:

Earnings Per Click (EPC) = Gross Sales / Unique Visitors

So, for example, if you get $100 in sales in a 24 hour period, and 50 unique visitors (50 unique clicks) to your website, you’d have an EPC of $2 / visitor (100 / 50 = 2).

Make sense?

Check out the EPC one of our partners got recently for My Top Tier Business:

John earn

Anything above 2 or 3 bucks is considered decent.

Anything above 5 bucks, is just damn impressive.

Now, before you get too excited about this – I want you to know this is far from typical.

But, it does show you what’s possible, IF you have the right audience.

The reason why MTTB members can achieve such a high EPC, simply comes down to three words:

High Ticket Transactions

The average transaction with MTTB (My Top Tier Business)  is much higher than any other funnel in our industry I know of.

So, one sale can be at least 3-4 times more profitable than what you’d normally get promoting the other cookie-cutter systems out there..

If you’re ready to start seeing decent EPC’s, then apply to join MTTB here:   click here>>>…

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