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Borderless Income System with super affiliate Ewen Chia

World’s #1 Super Affiliate Reveals “Newbie-Friendly” System for Making Money Online from Anywhere in the World.

I wanted to tell you something today.

Super affiliates can choose from (literally) thousands of programs.

Which is why it’s a big deal that Ewen Chia – whom many call the World’s #1 Super Affiliate – has fully endorsed this system, after earning over $500,000 in commissions!

This offer is personal choice of Super affiliate Ewen Chia and believe me, he knows what to promote..

Keep in mind that this kind of offer is the best for the people who are already involved in a home business opportunity and/or buy internet marketing training products. They can use the power of this model from the start.

Why is it an Incredible Offer?

Why I Chose the “Borderless Income System” (says Ewen Chia)

As my business grew, I became very selective about the systems I promoted, because there’s so much junk online.

So, when I found the Borderless Income System three years ago, I wanted to make sure it met my three main criteria:

First – How well does it convert?

Second – Does the product deliver on its promise?

Third – Does the company take care of its partners (affiliates)?

To answer the first question, I looked at a metric called EPC (Earnings Per Click), which is gross sales divided by clicks.

If you haven’t heard of EPC, here’s an example:

Let’s say you spend $100 on Facebook ads for 200 clicks, and make $500 in gross sales. That means you spent 50 cents per click, and made $5 per click, or a $5 EPC.

In order words … would you pay 50 cents to make $5?

Of course you would; that’s like putting $1 into a vending machine and getting $10 back!

It’s a very good return on your money.

To answer the second question, I researched the program, and made sure they honored their guarantees.

I also looked for testimonials, and confirmed their customers were happy.

I did this because my audience would not have been happy with me if I endorsed a bad program.

In this case reading is not a good choice – watch the video – click here or press these images.

In this short video, he’ll tell you about the Borderless Income System, and how it met his strict criteria for High Sales, Good Fulfillment, and Affiliate Support.

You will like it because…

When you join today, you also get a personal coach.

Your coach will be an Internet Business expert, who has used the Borderless Income System to earn commissions themselves.

The company behind this system is willing to train and pay these coaches, because they know that coaching triples your chance of success.

And when you’re more successful, that means more sales for the company (and more commissions for you).

It’s a win-win.

So, as you go through the 21-step training, your coach will guide you and show you how to apply it.

They will answer your questions, encourage you, and push you to send more leads and increase your commissions.


Price of opinions for home profit business

What are you paying for cheap opinions?

Opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. Everyone has a flock of opinions ready to be wished upon anyone who will accept them. If you are influenced by “opinions” when you reach DECISIONS, you will not succeed in any undertaking.
-Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

If you’ve considered starting your own online business, you’ve no doubt heard plenty of “opinions”…

  • You shouldn’t quit your day job
  • You need the security of the 9-to-5 career
  • Plenty of people have tried it and failed
  • What do you know about running your own business?
  • Remember that network marketing thing you tried? How did that turn out?
  • The bubble has burst on internet marketing.

As Napoleon Hill pointed out way back in 1937, opinions are cheap and easy to come by.

And here’s something about the opinions you hear as you venture into online business…

Take note of how many of those negative opinions come from someone who has never tried to run their own business.

My guess will be 90% or more will meet that criteria.

It’s like someone who has never played golf telling you that you can’t play it either!

It’s crazy.


5 out of 100 people may be good entrepreneurs, not everybody.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have to try. Let’s say again.  What are you paying for cheap opinions?

What I’d like you to do instead is talk to people who have tried it and succeeded.


With MTTB you get your very own personal coach…someone who has actually done it. Someone who has ignored the “opinionated”, taken the big risks, and proved them wrong.

If you do that and you STILL don’t think it’s for you … well, then at least you can say you listened to an opinion that’s actually worth something.

Because I think your dreams for a better life, more freedom, more of the finer things, more time with your friends and family…I think all those things are too valuable to sell out for the price of a cheap opinion.

What do you think?  Get one answer >>> here

Main topic of the post:


Are opinions holding you back from starting online business?

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