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Phone team closes sales


Want someone to call and close your leads for you?

Imagine for a second what it would be like if you had your own phone sales team calling your leads for you.

Think about what that would mean and really let it sink in.

  • No more fear of picking up the phone to call your leads
  • No more fumbling with what to say when you’re talking to them
  • No more sweaty palms or nervousness wondering what might happen if they ask you a question you can’t answer

In short… no more worrying about losing out on a sale because you’re not 100% sure how to close someone over the phone!

One of our favorite aspects of being in MOBE is they have a highly trained professional sales team in place who handles all the selling and upgrades for the affiliates.

(as soon as you generate leads and front end buyers they’ll start calling them for you too!)

Just think how stress free and confident you’ll feel knowing that a professional sales team is handling all the selling to your leads.

You won’t ever have to pick up the phone again if you don’t want to (accept for when you check Facebook or play Clash of Clans or Pokemon Go).

How cool is that?

Best part is… right now you can get started with MOBE for only $7.

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