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5 ways to recognize a scam in home profit business

5 Ways to Recognize a Shady Online Business…

1. They’re not selling anything but “vapor”. You just drive traffic to their site, which signs up more people to drive traffic to their site.

And on and on it goes. Nothing of value is exchanged.

Look for real products, services, events, programs, etc.

2. It’s hard to find a real person behind the business. Who’s in charge?

Is he or she out front? Can you contact that person? Is there a real address on the site? Or is it just a faceless “system”?

Only do business with someone willing to risk their reputation.

3. Testimonials don’t include last name or address.

Look for video testimonials by real humans.

4. No guarantee or a wishy-washy “money back in if not satisfied” guarantee. Everybody does that.

Look for a “performance promise” that guarantees RESULTS.

5. No personal coaching. It’s all on you. Go get ’em, champ!

Only do business with a program that offers real, …

human one-on-one coaching.

watch video 7

1. MTTB offers mastermind events, traffic coaching programs, email marketing programs and other REAL products.

2. MTTB is run by me, Matt Lloyd. I’m all over our sites. I’m the face. I’m the reputation.

3. MTTB has plenty of video testimonials and case studies on MattLloyd.TV. Check them all out. It will take you hours!

4. MTTB has the strongest guarantee in the industry: Follow the 21 steps and make a commission in 30 days or TEN TIMES your money back.

5. MTTB gives you your own personal coach.

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