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Ez search engine submission

Ezine and search engine submission

Effective search engine submission to the major search engines is a required part of any successful web site marketing strategy. Our Search Engine Submission service is a low cost but very effective submission service, Although some search engines may be able to find your site on their own, our submission service speeds up the process of getting your site indexed. Furthermore, you save time by filling out one form versus submitting to 100+ search engines individually.

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Social Traffic Magnet

Leveraging Social Traffic Quickly and Free.

What you need.  Social Traffic Magnet

The Bad news: Unfortunately, there is no such  thing as the “magic traffic button” that you’ve been promised time after time. Run Mile away from this ads. Getting traffic using the traditional method is tough. Paid traffic is too expensive. Free traffic is too time consuming and complex.


  • A Facebook Profile
  • WordPress Blog
  • 2 Plugins
  • Secret Method and Resource
  • 10 Min a Day
How many people (unique visitors) were in Facebook in Sept 2015? Almost 163 millions

Statistics: 162,823,589 unique visitors on Facebook in September, 2015

Prepare to go Viral. Viral Leverage is powerful.

If you took a single penny and doubled it every day for 30 days, you would have = $5,368,709.12

The fastest way to grow your business and scale your traffic is to get other people to spread the word for you.

Using right plugins on your blog really helps with traffic, social media plugins.

Each share from a visitor creates a backlink from their social site to your post or pageOne of the important for this purpose plugins: Shareaholic

  • This tells the search engines that you have social engagement
  • Obviously, you also pick up visitors from the social sites where these shares appear

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