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Goat Timur teaches how to make the first step

The friendship between a tiger and a goat has captured the imagination of the world after details of the friendship – one might even call it a ‘bromance’ – emerged at a wildlife reserve in Russia’s Far East Primorsky region.

The unlikely tale of the predator Amur who preferred friendship to eating Timur the goat for lunch will soon be beamed worldwide thanks to web cameras that are to be installed at the Primorsky safari park.

RBTH offers its version of what we could learn from the animals that became unnaturally good friends.

1. Ability to make the first step

The first thing that deserves attention is Timur’s bravery. It seems that it never occurred to the bold little goat that he had been brought to the park to play the role of victim. His initiative, courage and interpersonal skills utterly shifted the intended scenario – from a gastronomic to an amicable one.

2. Curiosity and open-mindedness

A readiness to make new friends and try new things was the starting point for this touching story of friendship, which began with reciprocal interest of both the animals.

3. Tolerance

The freedom-loving tiger has to share his territory with Timur – who was supposed to be his lunch and now enjoys all the rights of a lord of the park. Naturally, sometimes there is a display of hysterics, but, all in all, Amur manages to cope with his emotions.

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Ability to make the first step

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