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Successful entrepreneur approach

This one mistake that is HURTING your success. (replay of webinar with online millionaire Shaqir Hussyin)

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Let me ask you a question:

How do some marketers build their lists to 1000s to 10,000s of subscribers and pocket $1000+ per day while others simply huff and puff to make even make $1000 in profits?

Wanna know the secret?

Yes, there is a specific strategy involved in achieving these

By the way, let me tell you that $1000 per day is NOT EVEN remotely the top end results in our industry.

I personally do 20 TIMES that amount per day easily.

So…$1000 per day is TOTALLY possible.

I have cracked it.

My clients and students have cracked it.

No biggie.

So coming back to the question – how do you do it?


Most marketers MAKE THE MISTAKE of thinking that their one and only goal is to sell the PRIMARY product they are promoting.

Their approach is

Traffic –> Build List –> Promote primary product

Successful marketers don’t think that way.

They focus on ONE KEY ASPECT which when you get it right ensures your success even if you screw up everything else.

That one key aspect is nothing but the ART of recovering your adspend as soon as possible.

I will elaborate this concept.

Let’s say average marketer spends $1000 on traffic to get
500-1000 leads.

He would probably focus on selling his primary product to his leads to recover his money back as well as turn a profit.

This method may or may not succeed (political correctness aside, it usually flops).

Successful marketers on the other hand sell a simple valuable LOW PRICED product ($7 – $37) to their leads and make a few sales of these low priced products right away.

People buy these products right away because there is lesser
buyer resistance for lower priced products that solve specific

These low priced products are called TRIP WIRE OFFERS.

Its usually a simple video training about a particular topic.

So here’s how it works:

Successful marketers spend $1000 to get 500-1000 leads.

Their subscribers immediately buy the Trip Wire Offers which helps them make back $300- $500 immediately.

So this means they have made back 30-50% of their adspend

But wait it gets better.

The trip wire product is designed to do 2 things:

1. Provide massive value to the customer

2. Automatically sell the customer on the next product (which is called Front End Offer which is likely to be around $97 – $197).

So customers get awesome value when they consume the Trip Wire Offer and the content inside that training sells him on the need to get the next course where they will get even more value.

End result: They buy the higher priced front end product ($97 – $197).

This results in more revenues ($500-$750).

So totaling everything

Ad Spend To Generate Leads – $1000
Sales From Trip Wire – $300 – $500
Sales From Front End Offer – $500-$750

This means successful marketers

1. Got 500-1000 leads on their list
2. Made  make back their adspend money within a few days
3. Now they are free to promote their PRIMARY product (and all revenues from now on are pure PROFITS)

And the most super important part is that they can reinvest that initial adspend ($1000 in this case) again to get more and more leads and start building their list (virtually for free).

Endless leads. Crazy revenues. Windfall profits.

How’s that?

Successful marketers follow this approach

Traffic –> Sell relevant trip wire and front end offer to
recover money –> Sell whatever else you want (pure profits)

And this is EXACTLY HOW many of us go from $1000 per day…then $10,000 per day and beyond.

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