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Warren Buffet doesn’t recommend cryptomarket.

Warren Buffet advises people not to invest in cryptocurrencies, arguing that they have no intrinsic value. To what extent do you agree with him?

Speculation on prices and investment in real product or technologies are different things. I think it’s understood.

Warren Buffet is a well-known investor. He doesn’t play or trade on Forex. (see post in Quora on this point, by Doug Armey)

But there should be a way for the little guy to win. Bitcoins and altcoins are virtual, but this is now the trend in digital economy.

You can buy bread for dollars or for gold. What about bitcoins? I think there was the point of no return when the first pizza was sold for bitcoins. You can buy Tesla car from Elon Mask for bitcoins and etc.

What about internet? Does it have any value behind it? Why virtual coins do not have value then if you can pay for Airbnb hotels, for UBER taxi services, AliExpress…all these services are coming soon. Banks buy and sell bitcoins, make good profits on it.

So let us be entrepreneurs to some extent and earn on this digital trend.

Confucius said –  ” The best time to plant a tree
was ten years ago; the second best time is now”

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