The most important predictor of your financial future?

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The time has come to ask you the most important question. Now if you’ve read my eBook, you already know what the question is, but I’m going to ask you here as well.



 Why am I going to ask you here if I already asked you in the eBook?

For a very important reason. Pay very close attention to what I’m about to say.

Because I know that most people who download free eBooks never read them.

Do you know why they never read them? 

Because they’re free.

And people don’t value things that are free.

They put them on their hard drive and they say, “I’ll get to that later.”

But they never do. Because they don’t value it.

So, I have to assume most people reading this email message have not read the eBook!

And the same is true about your home-based business.

If you don’t invest in your business, you will never take it seriously.


In my eBook I told you about how I invested $40,000 in an online business opportunity when all I had in my bank account was…$40,000.

I risked my entire savings on that opportunity.

And I made DARNED sure I worked that system and earned a lot of money from it.
I invested a lot…so I valued that opportunity and worked it hard.

I had no “escape plan”, no “Plan B”. Like Hernan Cortez, I had burned my ships… No turning back.

Now, I’m certainly not saying you have to risk everything to be successful. Far from it. But you do have to risk far more than 99% of the folks who SAY they want to build a home-based business are willing to risk.

You see, most people are only willing to invest in their business like it’s a hobby. But then they expect to receive the revenues and returns of a REAL business.

That’s just not how business works.

Never has.

Never will.

If you invest a small amount, you will get a small amount back.

In fact, if you invest a small amount, you probably won’t get ANYTHING back.

You’ll lose money.

So, the most important question you can ask yourself…the most important predictor of whether you will achieve your financial goals is…

How much am I willing to invest in an online home-based business?

The great thing about MOBE is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find out whether you want to invest more. You can start for just $49. If it’s not for you, you walk away.

Get all your questions answered here.

To your success,

Matt Lloyd

P.S.: You are your business. Investing in your business is like saying “I believe in myself”. It’s a motto I’ve always followed. I am my business. I believe in me and my business. I put my face and my reputation on the line for my business. So, if you want to partner with that kind of company, get all your questions answered here.

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