The single most important number in this business.

Time for a quiz:

What is the most important metric in Internet Marketing?

Do you know?

Most, have no idea.

It’s not cost per lead… or opt-in rate… or click through rate… or anything like that.

It’s Earnings Per Click (or EPC for short).

Your websites EPC is pretty much the most important number you need to know in internet marketing.

Most people in our industry have no clue what it means… click here >>>…

Here’s how it works:

Earnings Per Click (EPC) = Gross Sales / Unique Visitors

So, for example, if you get $100 in sales in a 24 hour period, and 50 unique visitors (50 unique clicks) to your website, you’d have an EPC of $2 / visitor (100 / 50 = 2).

Make sense?

Check out the EPC one of our partners got recently for My Top Tier Business:

John earn

Anything above 2 or 3 bucks is considered decent.

Anything above 5 bucks, is just damn impressive.

Now, before you get too excited about this – I want you to know this is far from typical.

But, it does show you what’s possible, IF you have the right audience.

The reason why MTTB members can achieve such a high EPC, simply comes down to three words:

High Ticket Transactions

The average transaction with MTTB (My Top Tier Business)  is much higher than any other funnel in our industry I know of.

So, one sale can be at least 3-4 times more profitable than what you’d normally get promoting the other cookie-cutter systems out there..

If you’re ready to start seeing decent EPC’s, then apply to join MTTB here:   click here>>>…

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