Update From The Titanium Mastermind (and a tip for getting more value out of live events)

This post had to be written before, now it’s an update. I am writing to you from my balcony here at the Barcello Bavaro Deluxe Resort, in the Dominican Republic.

It’s not a bad view to have for the afternoon…

I’m here for the …

Titanium Mastermind,

…which actually begins tonight.

There’s close to 300 people flying in from all around the world, so it will be one of our bigger masterminds we’ve ever done in MOBE.

Each person and their guest has invested 9,000 USD to come to this – so they are very serious about their marketing and business building education.

And they are in for an incredible few days with our trainers here, who I’ve hand picked myself.

To train at Titanium you need to have accomplished amazing things in your own business, and be in a position to teach others how to do the same.

These aren’t your normal ‘run of the mill’ internet marketing seminar speakers.

One of the trainers for example has sold over $150m worth of his own programs through direct mail.

Another, has sold over $4b worth of other people’s products through TV infomercials.

We even have a famous hypnotist from Las Vegas (who’ll also be doing a show and hypnotising some of our audience on the 2nd night!) who’s helped clients all over the world reprogram their mind to achieve more wealth and get past any mental blocks they have in their business.

What says Matt Lloyd, founder of MOBE and coordinator of all this event:

” One of the things I’ll be stressing to each attendee in my opening session tomorrow is the futility of trying to implement everything they learn at this mastermind.

Instead, I’ll be telling them to focus on implementing just a few key lessons that will have the biggest impact on their business.

I’m sure you’ve been to events before, where you took copious notes – pages of them – and then 2 months after you got home, you found that notepad laying around somewhere unopened, with none of the notes you took implemented.

I know I’ve done that many times myself.

So instead, I’ll be stressing to them to focus on getting just 3 things from this mastermind.

3 big things… that will be worth far more than 9k to their business in the long term.

It could be a connection with a new key business partner

It could be an idea for dramatically increasing sales

It could be an experience – a conversation with an entrepreneur who’s done over 8 figures in their business over a lunch, where they say something to you that causes a huge shift.

Whatever it is, they should focus on getting just 3 big things and fully implementing them – rather than a hundred small things they’ll never implement.

If you attend live training events every once in a awhile, you should do the same.

This is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way over and over again.

The past few years when attending events I decided to instead focus on a few key things (to tell you the truth, I usually look for just ONE big major thing) – and it’s done wonders for my business.

Example: one connection I got at a $4,000 mastermind in San Diego back in September has been worth over $3.5m in revenue for MOBE.

As far as ROI’s come, they don’t get much better than that.

So just remember my advice the next time you attend a live training event.

Now, if you’re wondering how you can get an invite to one of MOBE’s future masterminds (we do them all over the world) the best way to find out more is to go through this program:

Click here >>>>…


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