Your face, your voice and your home profit success

Have you ever heard your own voice on a recording and thought, “I don’t sound like THAT, do I?”

But then you ask your friends and they say, “Yes, that’s exactly how you sound?”

Or, even freakier, have you ever seen yourself in a photograph and thought that something wasn’t quite right? “That’s not what I look like, is it?”

But once again your friends say, “Yup. That’s you.”

Here’s what’s happening?

You don’t hear your own voice as it sounds to others. You hear it vibrating of the bones in your head and within the spaces of your sinuses and other cavities.

You don’t know how your own voice REALLY sounds until you hear a recording.

And you don’t see yourself as others see you. Every day when you look in the mirror you see a reverse image of yourself. Now, because our faces are almost symmetrical, you don’t look THAT different, but you do look slightly different. And that’s why you get the slightly uneasy feeling when you see yourself in photos.


You don’t know what you REALLY look like until you see yourself in a photograph or a video.

Weird right?

What’s this have to do with your online business?


Well, I’m always amazed at how many people have strong opinions about starting your own business or making money online?. Who have never even tried it.

If you don’t even know what your own face looks like until you’ve seen it from the proper perspective? How can you know what it’s like to run an online business before you’ve seen it from the proper perspective?

You can’t.

It’s ridiculous.

But these know-it-alls deter so many would-be success stories with their backward thinking.

It kills me.

Listen, don’t base your life choices on the advice of someone who has never left the comfortable, cozy, mediocre perspective of their boring life.

Get the real perspective.

Take a risk and try it.

You’ll never know until you do.

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Don’t base your life choices on the advice of someone who has never left the comfortable, cozy, mediocre perspective of their life? People from wrong area of expertise.

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